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I was watching the news yesterday and I saw a story about a woman who had gastric bypass surgery. Some of the statistics were rather remarkable. After two years the average weight loss is 34%, the surgery is now done laparoscopically and, as in all surgeries, the rate of death depends greatly on the surgeon, but it ranges between 0-3%.

All of these stats suggest that maybe it is something folks should look into. If someone has had the surgery, as a friend of mine did, I always wish them the best of luck. If they haven’t had the surgery yet, I always suggest avoiding it. I have told a few people, you didn’t have surgery to get fat, why are you having surgery to get thin. (notice I said thin not in shape.)

Now anybody who has looked at the web site knows I am no skinny minny. I do exercise several times a week with body weight exercises. I am not trying to be a body builder, but I am trying to get a good workout in. I use to think that you needed all kinds of equipment to train, but not so. Just a jump rope and yourself, and you can get a good workout.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the huge growth in the numbers of gastric bypass surgeries seems to me to be a symptom of a greater ill. The reason we are fat is the same reason we are getting surgery to get thin, we are lazy!

Don’t get surgery, get active. Control what you eat. Sure it will take a bit of work, and yes you will have to train your mind and see yourself as thin, but you will be healthier in the end.

There exists a reason why fat people are fat. It is a symptom of a greater problem,and that problem can not be fixed by surgery. Your mind must be fixed, then you will not need surgery, the weight will just fall off, until you are healthy. Some people think of me as fat, for example, but by any test (IE blood pressure, strength, cardio.) I am in reasonably good shape. I mean I am not an Olympic runner, but I don’t want to be.

I have told many people who are planning, thinking, or considering getting this surgery. Put it off for a year, get my book “The Barbarian’s Guide to Success”. Use it for a year and if you still want the surgery I will give you your money back. Don’t let a doctor cut you up to try and get thin, instead get healthy.

To answer the question that will inevitably come up, No my book is not a guide to being healthy. It is, however, a guide to help you get what you want. Some people want more money, some want a better marriage/relationship, and still others want to be thinner.

I truly think that surgery, unless it is 100% necessary, should be avoided. I mean, granted, I am a lay person when it comes to this, but it seems to me that our organs are on the inside and they should stay there. Some surgeries are emergencies and are life and death. That is a different story. This surgery is often times just a way to avoid the work involved with getting healthy, or so it seems to me.

I want to mention that I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to give any sort of medical advice. I am just a guy who has has been able to create an amazing amount of health in his life without the “experts” telling me what to do. I have not been sick in several years. All my “vitals” are good and I am in decent health, despite a few extra pounds.

So what sounds more reasonable to you, a healthy lifestyle or risking death or permanent injury from letting a doctor cut you open and rearrange your stomach and intestine?

With that I will say:

Get the Barbarian Mind Set and keep it. Stay trú to yourself and your family, the rest will take care of itself.


Everte Farnell is a author and speaker and professional coach. In May of 2003 Everte was a divorced broke single father. Two and a half years later Everte is a happily married father of two. The company he and his wife worked to build supplies his family with a six figure income, and his children are happy healthy and well adjusted. He lives a life that many dream of. It is the life that he dreamed of in May of 2003.

In October of 2005 he released his book “The Barbarian’s Guide to Success” and is dedicated to helping other realize their dreams. He is a straight forward, politically incorrect, figure and makes very little time for detractors. He often says “So many ‘coaches’ have made their money by coaching. I do everything I coach. It is important that people know that I have faced or do face the same challenges they face. Life is an integrated process. Your professional life must support your personal and family life and vice versa, otherwise you will never find true success.” Everte Can be reached at his web page [http://www.successfulBarbarian.com]

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