Weight Loss Exercise – A Great Start


I realize this sounds like a broken record, but if you want to loose weight and keep it off then you need weight loss exercise as part of your routine! Whether you think “but I don’t want to exercise, I hate exercise, I don’t need to exercise”… or whatever other excuse you might have, the fact is weight loss exercise is the key to success.

The bottom line is you can join whatever fad diet you want.. if you do not start a weight loss exercise routine then your chances of successful weight loss will be dropped dramatically. Sure you will loose some weight, after all that is achieved simply by consuming less calories then your body requires to function. The problem is simply starving your body causes it to go into a fasting state. This is a defensive move that your body takes to help you survive, what happens is your metabolism slows down which in turn gives you a felling a fatigue plus it tries to store up extra fat reserves.

This is why weight loss exercise is so important!

Now you might be thinking, will not my body do that even if I am working out?

Think about this for a second, say you consume 3000 calories a day and your body burns 2200 with your everyday activities, if you suddenly cut those calories to below 2200 and do not start any weight loss exercise program then your body simply resorts to a fasting state and tries to protect your body from starvation. Now you will loose fat, however your body will also loose muscle as it tries to fill in those calories that you are not taking in… and worse of all you will feel hungry, lethargic and miserable. Your mouth will be drooling for food and you will feel like crap

OK so what does weight loss exercise have to do with this?

Exercise causes your body to burn calories; it also increases your energy levels. So instead of starving yourself thin, keep eating the same amount of calories you are currently eating and instead increase your calorie burning to overtake your consuming. Now that might sound hypocritical because would you not still be starving yourself. Simply no… your muscles will be getting worked, your heart will be pumping and your body will become an efficient calorie burning machine. Once you start exercising you will find that you will want to start eating healthier and you will start eating foods that are not empty calories… that is foods with high calories and fill the gap for only short periods of time.

However, this is not a completely true statement… the reason is because everyone is different. So if you start an exercise routine and still feel you are ravenous for junk food, then intervention is needed. For some this could be as simple as taking a fiber supplement that expands and fills the gap others might try different appetite suppressants that fool the body into not feeling hungry. The point is, start a weight loss exercise program and listen to your body. If supplements are needed in conjunction with a weight loss exercise routine, then try them, but please don’t try just starving yourself thin.

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