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Did you know: As of 2003, the World Health Organization estimated one billion are overweight

Over 40 million Americans are overweight(World Health Organisation), 64% of Americans are overweight (NHANES)

Americans are spending 33 billion dollars a year on weight loss programs, foods and supplements aids (Medical and healthcare guide 1997)

Increased weight is associated with a variety of health conditions from heart to joints, to immune function.

Fad Diets:

Low Carbohydrate/High Protein Diets:

* increased risk of several diseases. Do find out what the risk factors are.


* banned by FDA

* raises blood pressure

* stresses the circulatory system

Why Fad diets fail, contact me to find out. An array of reasons.

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Myth- Weight loss is hard

Truth -what can make it successful..

If weight loss is so easy, why do so many
people find it so hard?

knjow what the factors are

Potential risks durinng weight loss

Physiologic stress

Decline in antioxidant status

Psychological challenges

Inverse correlation to anti-oxidant protection

Overweight is associated with reduced protection

Weight loss is associated with further reduction in protection

So you want a solution?


Eat Right

TRA supplements to address the above issues

A complex problem requires a solution:

Eat right – know what this means

Participation in regular physical activity (exercise) has multiple health benefits – know what these are … do you know?

Peter Saunders


Engnineering Science degree from Oxford

Pharmanex team of 75 PhD scientists working to provide safe approach to health problems

For further information contact pk.saunders@virgin.net and ask for powerpoint presentation and links.

www.information.my-ntc.com [http://www.information.my-ntc.com]

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Losing weight will keep you healthy and have a long life. Cheer Up!

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