Vitamins and Supplements for Menopause


Other than pregnancy, at no other time in her life does a woman need vitamin supplements more than during menopause. As hormones rage, and other stress inducers occur, menopause vitamins can help a woman keep her emotional and physical health at optimal fitness.

During this period of life, menopause vitamins help with stress control by offering higher levels of the B Complex vitamin family. Vitamin A is also increased as hormones during this time wreck havoc with both skin and hair. Other minerals are included at higher levels that have been proven to help with conditions during menopause.

Menopause supplements on the market today often include a variety of herbal extracts that help to control hot flashes, moodiness and other common symptoms of menopause. Common herbs added to menopause supplements include Black Cohosh, Ginseng, Wild Yam, Chaste Tree and others. As more studies confirm the claims of herbal therapy for menopause, other herbs will likely be included in the menopause vitamin mix.

Menopause vitamins, taken daily, can allow a woman to feel the difference in as little as two weeks, although thirty days is a more common time frame. For women, who have minor to moderate symptoms, a menopause supplement may be the only help they need to get through this exciting time of their life.

The strong demand for menopause supplements has increased rapidly since the discovery of the long lasting effects of hormone replacement therapy. For many women, menopause vitamins, with their natural ingredients, are all the help they need to get through the menopausal years.

As more women in the baby boomer generation reach this special time in their life, the demand for menopause vitamins and other menopause supplements will only increase. By choosing safe and natural menopause supplements, they can look forward to the years after menopause to be healthy and productive.

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