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Vitamin B12 shots have been a popular treatment for patients deficient in this vitamin. Very serious harmful effects of vitamin B12 deficiency can be eliminated or inverted through vitamin B12 shots. A preference for using these shots is due to poor absorption capabilities of oral doses when taken in large quantities.

Many doctors recommend that people over 60 should have their vitamin B12 levels checked to see if a vitamin B12 shot is needed, since the stomach’s capacity for absorption of vitamin B12 requires a highly specialized process that tends to become less effective with age. A prescription of B12 shots is like an energy boost and restored vitality dose for elderly people.

Vegetarians should supplement their diet with at least 2 to 3 mcg vitamin B12 per day, and if vitamin B12 falls short of the required amount, vitamin shots are useful to attain the normal balance.

Vitamin B12 shots are recommended particularly by eastern medicine quarters for neurological disorders. They have been a proven stimulant for fatigued, run down and depressed patients. Experiments demonstrate that a continuous dosage of vitamin B12 is an effective cure for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Vitamin B12 also aids spinal chord injuries.

Some doctors are of the opinion that the most effective method of B12 replacement is through shots. Although sublingual and intranasal B12 formulations are fierce competitors, the classical school vies for this tested remedy. Moreover, patients also prefer injections to oral dosing because they think that the injections make them feel better.

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