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Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin) has been known as the energizer. A water-soluble vitamin is unique in being the first cobalt-containing substance found to be essential for longevity. Cobalt is an essential mineral and is an integral part of vitamin B-12. It is necessary for the normal functioning and maintenance of red blood cells as well as all other body cells.

Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid have been helpful in treating anxiety and has a calming effect on insomniacs. Folic Acid protects against cancer and benefits arthritis and anemia.

Vitamin B-12 aids in preventing pallor, fatigue, lack of energy and forgetfulness. Increases capillary blood flow and vision. Good for the blood flow to the heart and aids in the absorption of other vitamins.

Vitamin B-12 will assist is eliminating mental fatigue and confusion, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, angina pectoris, diabetes, hypoglycemia, epilepsy multiple sclerosis, neuritis, neuropsychiatric disorders, vertigo, leg paralysis, bruises, muscular dystrophy, cold sores, shingles, psoriasis, hangovers, leukemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, overweight and obesity, tobacco amblyopia, ulcers, gastritis, asthma, tuberculosis, allergies, worms, degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid arthritis.

Lack of vitamin B-12 has been found to cause a type of brain damage resembling schizophrenia. The brain damage may be detected by the following symptoms: numbness or a feeling of deadness in an extremity, sore mouth, stiffness, shooting pain, hot or cold, needles and pins tingle sensations.

Vitamin B-12 Deficiency symptoms may vary in severe or mild forms of mood disorders, mental slowness and loss of memory to severe psychotic symptoms, nervousness, neuritis, unpleasant body odor and menstrual disturbances. If a deficiency is not detected in early stages, it may result in permanent mental deterioration and/or paralysis.

It is a well known fact that a total Vegetarian Diet (Vegan) is lacking the essential vitamin B-12. Therefore, a person on a Vegan Diet should take one 50 microgram of B-12 once per week. If you consider a Vegan Diet for the purpose of Weight Loss you may reconsider your choices and review the 12 Healthy Herbs for Safe Weight Loss. A Natural Cleanser will also supply you with essential nutrients and aid in Weight Loss on a continuous healthy level.

This simple source of vitamin B-12 may be found in this Herbal Combination: Alfalfa, Chlorophyll, Don Quai, Kelp and Comfrey. This will enhance Mental Acuity and supply the needed nutrients to help prevent deficiencies from the lack of eating meat.

Capsulated Formula

Alfalfa: Contains eight digestive enzymes and eight essential amino acids. Use equal parts in addition with Don Quai, Kelp and Chlorophyll. Rich in Vitamin U for peptic ulcers. Athletes use this Herb for Endurance and Energy.

Chlorophyll: High in Calcium and Iron. Liquid form take one capful once a day.

Don Quai: Gives nourishment to the brain cells. High in Vitamin E and B-12. Acts as a mild laxative as it lubricates the intestines. Helps eliminate dry skin problems by moistening and softening the skin.

Kelp: High in Iodine. Iodine assists the thyroid to help them do their job more efficiently. Especially good for the Pituitary and Adrenal Glands. Contains: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin G, Calcium, Chlorine, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium; Selenium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc, Trace Minerals.

Comfrey: Take in tablet form or in capsules, three pills three times a day. Use in place of the above formula or in addition if already deficient. Use in ten day increments resting seven days in between.

Food Sources

Folic Acid is needed with B-12 and may be found in: Orange Juice, Asparagus, Spinach, Turnip Greens, Avocado, Brussels Sprouts, Lima Beans, Soy Beans, Kidney Beans, White Beans, Root Vegetables, Whole Grains, Wheat Germ, Bulgur Wheat, Oysters, Salmon, Milk, Brewers Yeast, Organ Meat and Chicken Livers.

Cobalt may be found in high sources: meats, especially kidney and liver, oysters, beet greens, buckwheat, figs, lettuce, cabbage, watercress, clams, milk and spinach.

Vitamin B-12 may be found in: beef, cheese, eggs, fish, clams, milk and milk products. Vitamin B-12 may be stored in the intestines for many years and the reabsorption from the intestines is quite efficient.

A healthy diet of well balanced food choices will supply the needed amounts of Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid but in most cases we do not consume the healthiest of food products therefore, the above formula will be most beneficial in making Healthy Choices for A Healthy and Happy Life.

I grew up learning about the benefits of Herbs and applying them in everyday use. I’ve trained in Master Herbalist Classes by reputable Professors. There is much that Herbs can provide in making Healthy Choices for a Healthy and Happy Life.

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