Unproven Weight Loss Tip: Lose Fat in Face by Following These Face Exercises


You have read this correctly exercises for your face to lose facial fat. I recently saw an article on how you can complete a few facial exercises to lose facial fat and give you that skinnier face. Now before I get into the weight loss tip exercises themselves which consisted of essentially slapping yourself over and over and smiling for a repetitive length of time. Let’s discuss the body and the fat it holds.

For years weight loss seekers have attempted to spot reduce their trouble spots and lose fat from just one part of their body. For years the educated health professionals have been telling these same people that this weight loss tip of spot reducing is a myth and that we can’t just pick and choose where we want fat to come off from and when.

You see the body is a mechanism that focuses on survival. The body isn’t going to do things that threaten its existence. This means for starters the body doesn’t like to get rid of fat to begin with. Fat is a protective compound that the body can rely on for calories when desperately needed. Just like if you live in a hurricane prone area you most likely stockpile essentials to survive on if needed to do so. Fat is the body’s essentials. If you don’t feed your body or you get lost in a desert your body can turn to the fat stores for energy to keep you alive. Your body is very good at surviving by creating and storing things such as fat for emergency purposes.

Now your objective is to shed the fat because you mind tells you that you will always feed your body and never starve it so you don’t need that extra fat hanging around. It now becomes a tug and war between your mind and your body to determine what happens with your extra fat.

Here is your weight loss tip: Your body will give up that extra fat if you follow the proper principles of good nutrition and the right exercise. Your mind and your efforts will have defeated your body’s willingness to hold onto that fat. Though your body does have control over where that fat is going to disappear from. Your body tends to shed fat from areas that hold the least amount. Your body also seems for many people to be pre-disposed to hanging on to fat around the mid-section for a longer period of time.

This is why you will see many times you lose fat in your neck,Guest Posting face, legs, etc much faster than from your waist or midsection area. Each person is different in how they lose their extra fat and from where so don’t think that if you don’t lose fat like this that something is wrong. I have seen dozens of different ways in which fat comes off.

The fat in your face is usually one of the first places to lose fat as I have seen with many of my clients. This brings us back to the exercises to lose facial fat. Regardless of whether or not slapping the bottom part of your chin or smiling repetitively for a length of time works or not the fact remains that if the fat is still there the exercises will do nothing.

These exercises don’t burn fat specifically from your face. They don’t even burn any significant calories. All they can possibly do and this is debatable, is they might tighten the skin so that you appear thinner in the face. The fat is still there. So to say you can do facial exercises to lose facial fat is a lie, myth or whatever you want to call it. It just simply isn’t true.

Another proven weight loss tip: To permanently lose the facial fat you need to burn calories and burn more than what you eat. You accomplish this by following sound nutrition fat loss principles and partake in a fat loss exercise program. Don’t fall for the latest weight loss tips or gimmicks that promote miraculous weight loss or spot reduction of fat. You will just be wasting your time and creating frustration and anger.

Instead focus on what works and in a short time you will see fat shedding not only off your face, but from your entire body.

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