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Obesity is a health condition that has almost turned into an epidemic according to nationwide surveys. The percentage of overweight adult Americans was 61% in 1999. Around thirteen percent of children and adolescent were found to be obese in the same year. For patients of obesity,Types Of Clinical Weight Loss Programs Articles the very first challenge is to reduce the amount of body fat by undergoing a suitable weight loss program. Many go for diet control and do-it-yourself techniques, but in most self administered methods, the results can be temporary and vastly unsatisfactory.

Therefore, most physicians suggest that you go for clinical weight loss programs which are highly effective and give you permanent results. Are you aware that with research and development, there are three main types of clinical weight loss programs. Let us take a quick look at the three types and advantages and disadvantages of each type.


This approach involves the use of very low calorie diets for the obese person. The patient is kept under strict observation and has to manage with the limited food they are given. According to general studies, a patient loses an average of 800 calories each day in this process. However, VLC diets are known to cause side-effects and may cause metabolic disorders if not aided with strong medical attention.


Prescribed drugs that cause weight loss are used only when a serious health disorder is caused by the obesity. These should be taken under medical supervision and accompanied with proper nutritious diets and regular physical activity. However, if the balance between food and exercise is not maintained as advised by the physician, then the drugs may fail to show visible effect. Many youngsters take these drugs in order to improve their looks which is a very harmful practice.

Gastric Band Surgery

This is a small surgery that is known to meet with success every time it has been used on obese patients. It is the least invasive form of surgery and is easily reversible. The progression of weight loss is gentle and permanent. Those patients whose weights have crossed 80 pounds are required to take this surgery which requires them to stay in hospital only for only one day. The process needs not more than one hour and the size of the stomach outlet can be suitably adjusted by the surgeon as required from time to time.

For effective weight loss Pocatello, ID, residents can choose any of the above mentioned clinical processes and bring in the desired change.

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