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Am I on the ‘Top Diet’?

What exactly is the top diet? Is it the newest fad diet? Is it the one that has been around for the longest? Is it the most expensive diet? If so, I could probably invent something.

All that I really have to do is focus on fats, carbs, protein, or calories. I have as good a chance as any that if you were to choose any of those that you’d probably lose some weight. Hey I have an idea. How about a low water diet. I guarantee that will work.

Think about it, If you were to limit your water, or eliminate it altogether, I guarantee that you would lose weight. (For those of you who are thinking about it, that was a joke.) Do NOT try this at home! To continue on… If we were to eliminate water our bodies would have no choice but to lose weight right? We might die but it was a success. And in this day and age that is all that matters. There probably is a top diet. My guess is that it would be eating right, exercising daily, and adding some supplements to your diet. Or I could say the new Low Water diet, Lose up to 25 lbs. in 10 days guaranteed, or your money back.

I wouldn’t have to worry about any returns if they are dead right. The point I am getting at is I think that the more outlandish the claim some of these companies make the more people want them to work. I’d love to lose 25 lbs or even gain 25 lbs of muscle in a month for that matter. Yes through proper diet and a little bit of science anyone can lose weight and or gain muscle if you want. I’ve had clients do both. I have had people lose 6 pounds in a week. Rare but it does happen. You get out of it what you put into it.

I could probably lose weight on any diet. But losing weight is only half of the battle.

Have you ever seen someone who has had surgery for weight loss? Yes they are now carrying around less weight, however look at their skin. It sorta just hangs there.

Beyond all of that did we eliminate the problem? NO. What you need is a set of rules to follow. Did you ever meet the employee who really isn’t any good unless he or she is told what to do? I have. This is sorta the same thing. If I don’t have any background in a particular subject, i’m gonna find a book and listen to their advice. So in order to successfully battle weight gain you need some knowledge. You need a solution to the problem. For a more in depth look at the solution to weight gain, and dieting, feel free to visit my web page at []

So again if you have surgery you simply removed the effect. What about the cause. How are you going to handle this same problem next time? Knowledge is about fixing the problem and more importantly the cause of that problem.

I recently ran into an old friend of mine. His wife was very curious about the book that I wrote since it dealt with rules to weight loss. I told her let me give you a copy of the book.

Now I outlined a few chapters of the book and I said if there is anything in this book that I want you to remember and incorporate into your workouts, follow these. She finished the book in about one week.

I ran into her about 2 1/2 weeks later. By that time she had already lost 3 1/2 pounds.

You say not bad. But did I mention that she was in her sixties! Now it took her a week to finish the book and she immediately put these fat loss secrets to work and within a week and a half, she lost 3 1/2 pounds. Yes our metabolism does slow down around the age of 30. But if you listen to what science has taught us anyone can lose weight. If that is what you commit yourself to do. There are more articles on the do’s and don’t of healthy eating. If you would are interested please click here now []

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