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Omega 3 fish oil is the undisputed health supplement choice of many – and not without reason. This nutritional wonder is classified as a polyunsaturated fatty acid. The human body needs the following classes of fatty acids for their very survival:

  • Cholesterols
  • Saturated fats
  • Mono saturated fats and
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids of the likes of Omega 3 fish oil

Fish Oil Health Benefits…The Nutrition wonder of modern times – Omega 3 Fish oil — is overwhelmingly advocated as the nutrient of choice for a healthy heart — recommended by none other than the American Heart Association.

The benefits of fish oil, however, are much more numerous than just a healthy heart. For starters, the human body would well die without the requisite content of some specific fatty acids and it is not without reason that these fatty acids are more familiarly known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).

These fatty acids are better classified as:

Omega – 3 Fatty acids and

Omega – 6 Fatty acids

The Health Ratio…

The human body needs and ingests two kinds of fats, which are indispensable for healthy well being — Omega-3 and Omega-6. The optimal ratio for a healthy human would well be 1:1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6. On the contrary, the average American diet is often constituted of the ratio in the range of 20:1 to even as high as 50:1 — which could well translate into a health disaster in the years to come.

The omega-6 fats are primarily sourced from soy, corn, safflower and sunflower oils. On the contrary, Omega-3 are sourced from walnut and fish oils. The benefits of fish oils then could scarcely be better underlined considering that of all the sources of Omega-3 fats — the preferred source being fatty fish — especially fish rich in EPA and DHA — both of which are fatty acids crucial for human health.

Fish Oil Health Benefits…

The therapeutically beneficial effects of Omega 3 Fish oil could well be innumerable to say the least. The following conditions may benefit:

  • Cardiac Diseases – Angina, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Congestive
  • Cardiac failure
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Malignancies
  • Autoimmue conditions
  • Skin problems

The benefits of fish oil are myriad, and some evidence has shown potential promise for also…

  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Maniac Depressive Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia

Omega 3 fish oil Dosage…To get the benefits of fish oil…

Fish oil capsules containing 120 mg DHA and 180 mg EPA and the omega 3 fish oil is best consumed in the dose of: one capsule for every ten pounds of body weight preferably ingested in two divided doses. The doses being ideally taken on an empty stomach to offset the undesirable gastrointestinal effects of the likes of belching.

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