The Natural Diet


3 Simple Steps from Nature.

1. What to eat

2. How to eat

3. When to eat


Anything fresh… Fresh food should be the mainstay of your diet. Preferably a wide variety of foods, that are locally produced and in season. Nature will always provide you with the best food in your region each season. Avoid pre-prepared and packaged, processed or frozen foods, especially those with additives and preservatives. Follow this simple rule;

“As long as you do not have to open a package, box or can” … you can eat or drink it.


You should eat plenty of raw foods and certainly when cooking avoid boiling for long periods, micro-waving and deep frying. Ideally, lightly grill, steam or stir fry.


Listen to your body and eat when you feel hungry. Every meal should be eaten slowly, at a table or in a place where you can enjoy and allow your body and mind to focus on the process. Chew each mouthful. Don’t gulp down your food whilst you are doing something else like watching TV, working on your computer or doing something that will distract you. Take your time and enjoy your food. Most importantly, when you feel full, stop eating …. and put it away. It takes a few minutes from the time the food is digested to inform the brain that this is sufficient. Give yourself and your brain some time to digest the food physically and mentally.

Try and avoid drinking whilst you are eating. If you must drink, have some room temperature water, never cold or a glass of wine or warm tea.


– any junk/fast food;

– fatty or deep fried food;

– milk/cheese, unless you own the cow and you can have the fresh milk;

– refined sugar and other sweet food such as chocolate and candy;

– cakes, biscuits, refined and processed cereals;

– fizzy or artificial drinks, including juice made from concentrate;

– coffee from any jar (and that includes Nescafe) or any decaf coffee. It’s OK to drink fresh coffee in moderation; and

– excessive consumption of alcohol.


– Listen to your body and it will tell you what you need and when to eat.

– Although we are programmed to drive and buy as much as we can from the supermarket, make an effort not to. For a while, try to walk to the local grocer each day, look at the fruit and vegetables available … and choose the ones that your palate calls for that day. Variety is very important. The same goes for fish, meats and other products. Not to mention the benefits of the daily walk.

Follow these guidelines and eating naturally will always provide you with the nutrients your body needs.

Mother Nature Know Best

Practitioner of TCM in London, with a degree from the University of Beijing.

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