The Beauty of Golden Flax Seed


The claims about flaxseed are true, it does prevent heart disease and cancer. Flaxseed contains alpha linolenic acid which is why it is good for the heart. Ground or whole flaxseed also contains lignans which act as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are known as cancer fighters. Centuries ago flaxseed was used as the major source for fiber and used for linen, seeds, and oil. Today, linseed oil still has a variety of industrial uses and is the main component of paints, and linoleum. However, flaxseed oil does come in an edible form. Similar to canola and olive oil, flaxseed oil is unsaturated and great for the heart.

Beyond flaxseed’s qualities it contains lignans and is one of the best sources of the essential fatty acid alpha – linolenic acid. This is an omega-3 oil which is similar to the fatty acids found in fish oil. Essential fatty acids are ones in which the body cannot produce therefore we must consume them. Essential fatty acids are important in cell membrane health, regulation of blood pressure, and protein production. Omega-3s reduce blood clotting which reduces the chance of a heart attack. Increasing the amount of omega-3s in the diet by taking flaxseed oil is a good alternative to taking aspirin. Flaxseed may also act to reduce cholesterol levels because it contains soluble fiber.

Many scientific studies have linked the increase of alpha-linolenic acid in the diet to lower rates of heart disease, deaths from heart attacks, and high cholesterol. Additionally, in clinical tests flaxseed oil reduces the chances of a second heart attack. Flaxseed, walnuts, canola oil, and soybeans are all high in alpha-linolenic acids. Eating right is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you can eat your way to health. Flaxseed is a tasty way to include essential fatty acids in your diet – eat for a snack, top muffins, add to cereal, or in a stir fry.

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