Ten Good Tips to Lose Weight


Below you find a few tips that can help you in your quest to lose weight. They will not magically make you reach your goals but can help you on your way if you are determined and work hard to lose weight

1. Make small goals. It is easy to dream about a slender body and make that your goal. This goal does however often end in disappointment. It is better to make many small goals on the way. This way it is easier to reach your goals and you feel that you are making progress which makes it easier to stick to a diet.

2. Avoid junk food: Avoid eating fast food and other junk food. It’s fattening and doesn’t help you lose weight. If you absolutely must eat fast food, give yourself one meal a week when you are allowed to eat fast/junk food.

3. Avoid fried food: Don’t eat fried food but rather grill or boil your food. Avoid using extra fat. .

4. Eat Breakfast: Eating breakfast helps getting the metabolism started. You are also less likely to snack if you eat a good breakfast. .

5. Eat fish and chicken: fish and chicken is low on fat and can make an excellent weight loss diet. Avoid fat fishes. A good cheap weight loss fish is Tilapia. .

6. Start drinking water: Soda and juice contains a lot of calories. Drink water and safe a lot calories. .

7. Start taking walks: Walking one or two times a day isn’t to hard but can help you lose weight faster. All other forms of physical activities are also good. .

8. Eat often: eating many well planned low calorie meals a day helps you keep from snacking and make you feel less hungry. .

9. Don’t expect dream results: There are many diets that promises fast results but permanent weight loss takes hard work and dedication. .

10. Eat fewer carbs: Eat less pasta and bread. Reducing your carb intake is often one of the best methods of losing weight.

A bonus tip can be to get a dog. A dog need to be walked and will help to get you more active. Never get a dog if you don’t have the time or will to care for it.

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