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To Invest in Yourself you have to be ready to take the Invest in Yourself challenge. Do you ever ask yourself, is my Life hectic because it has to be to manage all of Life’s balls or do I make my life as hectic as can be because that’s the way life should be? In order to take the Invest in Yourself challenge you have to be willing to take a good hard look at your life and see if every action you do everyday is necessary and is it affecting you in a negative way, such as depression, fatigue, generalized body aches, weight gain or loss to name a few.
Next ask yourself, do I put myself first at least once a day for more than 15 minutes.

I am a parent myself and of course we would never want to neglect our children or significant others needs but are you noble or a matyr when you put yourself last? I know individuals who do what they have to do for others and neglect their own needs. Your emotional as well as your physical health is the total package you need in order to correctly Invest in Yourself.

You need to realize your health is your prime real estate. Too often many of us have invested into our retirement, houses, cars, life insurance policies or financial investments. However,are you neglecting the most important investment of all – You. When you do not have your health you really do not have any worth talking about. You work hard to secure your future and live day to day. Not investing in yourself is also costly financially. The average person spends approximately $2100 a year in out-of-pocket expenses, not to mention the deductibles,co-pays and cost of prescriptions. Do you know that many medical problems are preventable such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and cettain cancers to name a few. Even if you have a family history for certain illness, your genetics does not have to predetermine your health. Early intervention is the the best cost effective answer to familiar history.

Some important factors you need to know in order to Invest in Yourself is your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose readings and body mass index(height/weight). You need to also Move-A-Size, Step-A-Size and Maintain-A-Size. Exercise is not just a thought, it needs to become a necessary factor in your life just like brushing your teeth, eating and showering. Exercise/motion is necessary for a healthy heart and body. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise,stress,no time for self and missing annual physicals is a recipe for poor health. The financial consequences as well as the wasted time you could be doing something you enjoy and spending time with family and friends is now used waitiing in waiting rooms and spending money needlessly. Ask yourself as you age do you want to be independent and vivacious or dependent, weak and feeble. You decide. Invest in Yourself is the best investment you can make for a healthier, independent, full of energy life.

Our 8 LifeStyle Strategies is the secret you have been waiting for. Our strategies have changed many individuals lives around. Let us help you to. Invest in Yourself today and reap better health and financial security for the rest of your life. Go to [http://www.investnyourself.com] and sign up for free weekly newsletters. Our book,Invest in Yourself, Health is the New Real Estate is an investment you need to make. It is compact, to the point and filled with so many tips you’ll wonder why you took so long to buy it. The best of health to you.

Patricia McGowan RN,BSN,CSHE and Sonia Hernandez RN,BSN,CSHE are nurses with over 20 years of experience. We are wellness and health professionals, authors and motivational speakers.We have developed our website [http://www.investnyourself.com] and our company Invest N Yourself.

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