Surgery: the Ultimate Weight Loss Extreme


Liposuction, tummy tucks, gastric bypass, implanted electrical devices… every day
there is another surgical “solution” to obesity. There are many reasons not to
undergo surgery, and only one reason to try it: you’ll die if you don’t.

My goal in this article is not to describe every surgical procedure and describe the
pros and cons of each one. There are certain commonalities to all surgical weight
loss opoerations, and it is this common ground that I base my arguments on.

Anaesthetic Complications

Morbidly obese people – the only people who should even consider surgery, are the
highest at risk for complications to surgery due to anaesthetic. The weight of fat
pressing downward on the chest and the belly mean that the lung capacity is
diminished. When you’re lying down for the surgery, this weight is directly
downward on your lungs, which means that when you are “put under”, it is very
difficult to keep you breathing. This is the same reason why some obese people
have sleep apnea, the airway closes during sleep due to the pressure, so they
suffocate a little bit at night. That effect is more severe with the use of anaesthetics.

Compounding this problem, deep vein thrombosis is twice as common among
obese people. This is a blood clot within a vein. Since general anaesthetics operate
through the bloodstream, thrombosis is a major complication because it restricts
blood flow. Being immobile for surgery can also make existing clots worse, even
while getting rid of your belly fat.

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Changes Aren’t Permanent

Do you think you get to eat whatever you want after having any of the fat-reduction
surgeries? Think again! People who are recovering from any surgery are put on a
strict diet to help them heal. Believe me, it is much less appetizing than the Mr.
Weightless Plan. Once you’ve recovered, though, you can eat whatever you want,
right? No way. Your doctor will put you on a special diet so that you don’t gain the
weight back. If you don’t follow the diet, you’ll see the pounds start packing on very
quickly. Your body is used to being at a certain weight, and will try to maintain that,
even after surgery. This is physiological and psychological. You will gravitate
towards your former weight through Adaptation. Read more about this
phenomenon in my article: Adaptation [].

So, if you’re going to be put on these special disagreeable diets anyway, why pay all
the money for the surgery unless you absolutely have to? You’re going to have to
diet after anyway, so why not try my fast weight loss diet before trying surgery?


Okay, so you’re a movie star, and you can afford to get facelifts and lipo once a year
to keep you looking great. I think it’s a bad idea for your health, but if you’re rich,
then that’s your prerogative. But what about the rest of us? Are you really going to
save for months or years to afford your surgery? Compare the price of my
guaranteed products (and let’s not forget exercising is free) with surgery that will
cost $5,000.00 or more. Seriously, where’s the competition? If my plan doesn’t
work, you get your money back. If you regain the weight after the surgery, will the
doctor give your money back? No way… he’ll offer to do more surgery for more

For my part, the issue is clear: some people are morbidly obese and will die within
months if they do not have immediate surgery. There is no doubt that they must
have it right away. For everyone else, from the pleasantly plump to the beer-bellied,
there is a better way. Do not subject yourself to high risks and high costs and end
up put on a horrible diet in the end. Take the mature step and do what’s best for
you: start a program that will get you losing fat naturally, quickly, safely and

Just delay your decision one month. In that month, try the Weightless Plan. You’ll
see how easy losing weight is.

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