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People often ask me what supplements does P G take? First, let me explain who P G is to those that have not met him or competed against him in power lifting competitions around the country. P G has been a friend and customer for 11 years. His physical strength is amazing. He blows out his competitors with numbers like: 1085 lbs. dead lift, 1015 lbs. squat, and 735 lbs. bench press.

P G keeps is very simple. He trains 3 days per week, eats home cooked food and takes supplements.

P G’s Supplement Program

The foundation is a food based multi-vitamin complex. It hits the bloodstream in 28 minutes – Takes 3 Daily.

Second – Amino Acid Complex 2200 grams per tablet – Takes 5 before training and 5 after training. Hits the bloodstream in 15 minutes.

Third – Plant sterols – Super Sterol Complex – helps with building mass. Takes 6 daily.

Forth – Digestive Enzymes – helps food digest faster. Takes before meals.

Fifth – Colon cleanser – Cascara – keeps toxins out the system and provides more energy. Takes as needed.

Notice I did not mention protein shakes or creatine. I have never seen P G drink one protein shake, not one in the 11 years I have known him and has not supplemented with creatine in years. He eats a lot of tuna and eggs for protein and simple carbohydrates such as home cooked biscuits, say 10 at once with 12 pieces of bacon. I wouldn’t try the biscuits if I were you, unless you got the muscle to burn’um off and are taking cascara to blow’um out.

I have talked to P G many times about how supplements help him win competitions and it always boils down to these five supplements. When he talks about these 5 supplements, he does it with fire in his eyes as he laughs at those that make light of them.

P G is not a sucker for the latest, greatest, cutting edge new thing on the block that boasts suckers claims that only suckers believe. The bodybuilding supplements industry has led body builders away from the basics of supplementation. What a shame! I does me good when I talk to P G after a competition and ask him, “Did you gett’em.” His answer is always the same, ” Yea, I gott’em.” To make it even better, P G is a very humble man that does not want to be recognized for his accomplishments. He usually gives the prize money to the organization for special needs kids that he works with.

Fred Fishburne and his wife are owners of ProHealth Nutrition, Inc., a very successful health store in McDonough, Ga. since 1994. Visit them at: [] or

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