Should You Keep Track of Calories?


Keeping track of every single calorie you eat can become a hassle. Some people like doing it, while others despise the idea of logging calories. I am going to give you some of the positives and negatives with logging calories and give you alternative ways of keeping track of how much you eat.

There are numerous benefits of logging calories. While preparing for a contest, every calorie needs to be tracked in order to look a certain way. You also have the ability to control how much you eat by a number rather than just relying on senses. A good calorie counter like Fitday gives you the ability to punch in what you eat and will give you the macronutrients automatically. Fitday is a good program but you can never be sure how accurate the numbers are displayed.

Counting calories can seem more like a job if you dont don`t have the patience to do so. You also have more important responsibilities to take care of and worrying about every little carrot you eat can become a bore. You also could get discourage easily if you eat more than what you had planned. This could cause a total relapse in your program and give you the excuse to give up. These are the most common reasons people don`t track calories.

If you don`t like keeping track of calories then don`t. You have to determine if you have the ability to conrol your portions, and if you cannot do so, then you better start keeping track. A good diet would consist of six to eight meals while alternating carb sources from complex to fibrous at each meal. Of course you need protein at each meal, and your post workout carb source will consist of either simple or complex, depending on preference.

I don`t log calories in the off season because I can control what i eat without gaining to much fat. I only keep track while getting ready for a contest or if i feel the need to look my best for a particular social outting. Life`s hard enough without the added stress of keeping track of calories so I avoid the idea as much as possible. You`re going to have to be the one who decides whether you should keep track or not. I hope you make the best choice. I`ll see you on stage, Romeo.

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