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Every American knows that if we indulge in Holiday Food during Thanks Giving through New Years that we tend to gain a few pounds and this could mean a few extra inches on our waistlines. Unsightly Holliday Belly Bulge is a common problem of the holiday season, as is complete and utter diet failure. And the use of the word utter is no accident, neither is a successful diet. If you want to remain slim and trim you need to go on your diet now and to make it stick this time you need to tie it into an exercise program.

You can remain thin once you get back to your lean and mean self, but you are probably not going to get their by diet alone, you must incorporate some exercise, whether it is swimming, biking, walking or jogging. You are going to have to make the time. You must start today, because so often those New Years Resolutions are so easily broken. If you are one who keeps your new years promises, then save it for something really good and start your exercise program today.

The best way to start exercising is to start biking or walking and the best way to do that is to start today. Get yourself a really good pair of shoes so you do not hurt your knees or feet and then commit to one to two miles per day for 10-days and then check it, how do you look? Good right? Now add in one or two miles more and do that for 10-days, next try to add a few more miles to your walking as time permits. Then after two months try to jog some or all of it. You will notice you get your workout done sooner and you can either save the time or increase the distance to equal out the time you are allotting. Think on this; think of the new thinner you.

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