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Quick weight loss; is it good or bad for you? Some recent research published by the University of Florida suggests that those who lose weight more quickly during the first stages of a weight loss program tend to both lose more weight overall and be more successful at keeping those pounds off over time. It is thought that the reason for this is that the immediate results of quick weight loss reinforce the fact that your new habits/lifestyle changes will work and are therefore worth keeping doing.

This study into quick weight loss makes a lot of sense. I know we tend to think that to lose weight more slowly is the healthiest way to go about this rather unloved task. But that’s only the case so long as you do lose the weight; if you are losing weight so slowly that you don’t notice it and don’t feel better for it,Guest Posting then what’s to keep you “working” at it? Why bother? You have to experience benefits in terms of looking slimmer and feeling better so as to be able to reinforce your new behaviors, eating habits or lifestyle.

As you read this last paragraph did your feelings resonate with what I’m saying? I described weight loss as an “unloved” task which needs to be “worked” at. Now, how different would you feel if you barely seemed to do anything at all and you could already notice that you had more energy and you felt, hum, less bloated, shall we say?

You would feel great, you would feel wonderful and you would think that weight loss is easy, wouldn’t you?; weight loss now seems like a doddle by comparison! You might even begin to love your new eating habits and lifestyle because it makes you feel so good; not only that, losing weight wouldn’t seem like work.

With this type of immediate feedback and positive reinforcement you can see how it would become a whole lot easier to keep doing what you’ve started to do and to lose more weight more easily and sustain that weight loss long term. And so quick weight loss can be seen to have a greater likelihood of motivating you to keep on dieting and losing those extra pounds.

This is all of course is hinged upon self-belief and your own expectations. If you think something will work and you thus believe in it you will find it a lot easier to do. A successful attitude to weight loss at the outset allows you to get past go; as you experience the benefits of being slimmer these in themselves encourage you to continue.

No matter what weight loss program you choose to follow, be it aimed at quick weight loss or a more moderate approach, these principles of mind will always apply. It is important to open your mind to allow yourself to fully expect to lose weight and to contemplate the associated benefits. Imagine how good you are going to feel when you can wear anything you might like – skinny jeans, a fitted top, shorts, swim wear, and so on. Imagine too how great it will be to not to have to think about food all of the time, to just eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

These are feelings which you love to embrace. You don’t “hate” these feelings; they aren’t “work”. These are the types of feelings which provide you with a genuine motivation to get on and do it, to lose weight easily. How you think dictates whether weight loss is easy or hard to do, irrespective of the weight loss program you choose to follow. Be it quick weight loss or a slow and moderate plan you always have to get your mind around it first.

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