Putting off Life Until You’ve Lost Some Weight

Putting off Life Until You've Lost Some Weight

I can’t do that Until I Lose This Weight!

If you don’t enjoy the life you’ve got because you think you
don’t look good in shorts or you can’t bring yourself to wear a
bathing suit,Putting off Life Until You've Lost Some Weight Articles¬†you’re doing nothing more than wasting your life
for nothing. Maybe you don’t look like a bathing beauty but who
does? I’ve heard so many people tell me that they would give
anything to be at a weight they once were, but when questioned
they almost always say, “Now that I think about it, I thought I
was fat back then too,” but guess what? They weren’t. Those same
people are sometimes shocked to see photos of themselves as a
teenager or young adult; “Why I wasn’t fat at all,” they’ll say.

Where do these fears originate except within our minds, and that
makes me wonder – is this another way of the brain to try to keep
us from taking the steps necessary to affect change? Remember,
your brain will do what it can to keep things the way they are,
at least at first, so crazy notions about the future may be
clouding your judgment.

It’s unlikely you’ll hear someone on their death bed say, “If
only I’d spent more hours at the job,” but more likely they’ll
say, “I wish I’d spent more time with my family.” Go ahead and
spend that time now, doing what you love, being with people you
enjoy. If you like being outdoors, be outdoors. Do you love the
water but you haven’t been in a pool for 20 years because you
think you look awful in a swimming suit? Who cares? Go swimming,
today, tomorrow, or next week. Just go.

It’s Not Always About Us

Think about this: Sally cannot stand to go out because she
doesn’t want anyone to see her in a size 22 dress. She’s
embarrassed and too self consciousness, so she doesn’t date. On
her way to work one day she has to stop and buy some stamps. John
passes her on the street on his way to the Post Office, but she
didn’t see him because she was looking at her shoes and feeling
bad for herself. As John is walking toward the Post Office he’s
thinking about how he wants to workout at the gym but he can’t
seem to get himself started. After all, “Everyone will notice me
and make fun of me.” Mary, the clerk is wearing a dress that no
longer fits because she’s lost 25 lbs. yet she can’t bring
herself to buy new clothes because of, “What people might think.”
She’s lost in her thoughts and almost gives John the wrong
change, which he hardly notices because he’s thinking about the
gym and the horror of everyone noticing him and pointing.

Neither Sally, John or Mary see anyone but themselves. None of
them noticed the other even when they had an opportunity.
Surprisingly none of us is the center of attention expect perhaps
at your own wedding, and sometimes not even then. Therefore, stop
being so self-centered and get yourself out doing what you want
to do. Sure there are always people who will make a rude remark,
but hey, they do not know you. They don’t know your situation.
They don’t know anything about you and probably never will, and
guess what? They don’t really care, which is why they have fun
being rude to strangers, so why should you?

Show care where you can make a difference. Show care when you are
able to help someone without expecting something in return. Life
is short. The days go by in an endless stream from one moment to
the next and what you do with this life is entirely up to you.
It’s not always about food.

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