Overcome Obstacles To Exercise Programs For Faster Weight Loss Results


After I’d started exercising regularly at the gym, I’d built up to riding the exercise bike 30 minutes, four times a week. I wanted to ride even longer, but knew I couldn’t tie up the bike at the club for that long. So I did what any reasonable person would do: I got myself an exercise bike for my home.

I wanted a Lifecycle like I’d been riding at the gym, but they were out of my price range. I finally chose a Schwinn Air-Dyne and quickly discovered there was a downside. My shiny new bike was awfully loud (the newer Air-Dynes no longer are so noisy). It made a huge racket when I’d ride, and if anyone was at home they’d complain about how it was interfering with their lives and why couldn’t I ride later?

I tried to be accommodating but quickly realized I was choosing to skip my ride because it would inconvenience someone else. I was putting their needs before my own which is the wrong approach. It may seem polite but it’s foolish to set aside my fitness goals because it may be a temporary inconvenience for somebody else. Sorry, but those days are over. I put myself first now. It’s the only way to get your needs met.

Know You’ll Meet Resistance and Have a Plan

No one is going to bend over backwards to accommodate you, so why are you doing it for them? Stop it right now and get busy doing what’s best for yourself first. Exercising or incorporating a new fitness plan into your daily life is bound to create some friction. Fine. Expect it, deal with it and move ahead. Your kids may complain if you want to do an exercise video and they want to watch TV. What’s more important? Your fitness program, that’s what. Invite them to join you. There’s no better way to get your kids interested in fitness than by watching you having fun.

A Happy Mom is a Healthy Mom and When Mom’s Happy, The Family Is Happy

I decided a happy mom is a healthy mom, so if riding a noisy bike for a short while each day makes mom happy, that’s what mom’s gonna do! Nobody complains any more. They just work around my schedule, and if it’s too noisy, they can go do something else for awhile because if I say, “I’m going to ride my bike,” that’s what I’m doing.

It’s too easy to say, “No, that will inconvenience little Billy, so I better not swim today,” or, “I have to pick up the kids after football practice, I don’t have time to go to the gym.” That’s wrong! You are important, and you better put yourself at the head of the list from now on. No more excuses because it might be inconvenient for someone else. It’s always inconvenient for someone else.

If you share your living space with any other people, then someone else has always got something they need or want from you. We all get the same 24-hour day, and how you choose to spend your time is entirely up to you. Exercise is something I choose to do for myself, and when I’m in the mood to ride, I’m getting on the bike.

Consistency Creates Results

Consistency is the key with exercise. Once you exercise regularly, three times a week to start, then you’ll see results. Letting day-to-day things interefere destroys consistency and lack of consistency leads you back to the couch.

Create consistency by setting a plan and then following through with your plan. If you plan to exercise three days a week and missed one day this week, that’s fine. You just get back on track with the next workout. But don’t allow things to regularly interefere or you need a different schedule. In other words, if you plan your exercise time for days of the week or times of day when you have other obligations, you won’t be able to follow through. Think about it, and plan your time wisely, yet make things work if need be.

Once you’ve accomplished three times a week for four weeks in a row, see if you can add a fourth day, or add minutes to one or more of the three days you’re already exercising. Slowing build up to more time per session, more sessions per week or more strenuous activity such as interval training (training in short sports of harder effort followed by easier effort).

Every single time you follow through with your plan you’re one step closer to being fit and healthy. Once your exercise routine becomes a part of your daily life you’ll miss it when you cannot do it. If you’re ill, you may find yourself wishing you could exercise (it’s a good idea to skip strenuous activities when you’re not well).

If all this talk of exercise is making you tired, then you really need to give it a try because lack of energy is directly caused by lack of exercise (and exercise means movement not just jumping jacks). You have no time? Do you watch TV? Put equipment in the TV room and exercise while you watch. Rowing machines, treadmills, indoor bikes, Nordic Track, Yoga, Pilates, all can be done in front of the TV. Pump up the intensity during the commercials. Make it fun. Remember, it’s consistency you’re after.

Exercise Helps You Reach Weight Loss Goals Faster

If you want to lose some weight then exercise can help you get there quicker and easier than diet alone. In fact, by exercising consistently you can begin to eat more good food and still maintain your weight. I eat 2,000 calories a day on average and maintain a trim body and so can you. Exercise is my secret weapon and I love what it does for my figure and my health.

Woo Yourself to Exercise With Allure Of More Attractive Physique

Entice yourself into the exercise habit by wooing yourself with the promise of an enjoyable activity, one you’ll look forward to, not that you’ll dread. No one calls for a second date if they didn’t enjoy the first, and you won’t return to your exercise program if you try to do too much too soon and end up hating it.

Work out a schedule and then stick to it. Being consistent with the time of day and days of the week will help those around you realize you are serious. By slowly adding more time every week (or as often as you’re able to increase it), you are on your way to establishing a new habit and working yourself up to the minimum 20 minutes per day as the experts suggest. Remember, five minutes is better than none, so no matter where you begin, just get started.

Every day work toward your desire to stay consistent and you’ll soon be on your way to a daily routine that supports a healthy lifestyle.

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