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At first it sounds like something out of some frustrated – and hungry! – dieter dream: you indulge in tasty,Guest Posting healthy food and the more you eat the more fat you lose! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

However, there actually are foods that are scientifically proven to boost metabolism and help you burn excess body fat!

Everybody will tell you that in order to lose weight you should burn more calories than you eat.

That’s a common sense and actually an effective way to lose weight in a shorter period of time. The problem is that many dieters take it too far. Maybe it sounds contra intuitively at first but it’s a matter of fact that – to burn fat – you must eat sufficiently or you’re risking crashing your metabolism!

And that’s what leads to dreaded yo-yo effect every “experienced” dieter knows well: after every “successful” diet the weight eventually comes back, often not only leaving you just where you’ve started but even with a few pounds extra!

Your body will burn calories digesting whatever food you put in your mouth. Some foods are however better than other if you want to boost your metabolism and burn fat! It’s just that it takes more energy for your body to digest some kinds of foods. These are metabolism boosting, calories burning foods!

Metabolism boosting foods are, generally speaking, foods high in fiber, but low in calories. Some call them “nutrient dense foods”, “whole foods” or even “negative calories” foods.

High fiber content in these foods will make you feel full longer because it takes longer to digest foods high in fiber. Prolonged digesting process also means more calories are being burned! For example, celery is so low in calories that you burn more munching it than you gain weight from digesting it.

Some of the other metabolism boosting veggies are broccoli – low in calories, high in calcium and vitamins C and A and fiber, lettuce – great if you have problems with water retention and bloating, rich in iron and magnesium that helps in speeding up metabolism and  dissolving fat, also cabbage, carrots, and asparagus.

Soybeans contain a nutrient called lecithin that protects cells from accumulating fat and help break down fatty deposits in the body.

What about fruits that are metabolism boosters? Fruits high in vitamin C, like lemons and oranges, are known as metabolism boosting foods.

All sorts of berry fruit – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, black and red currants will boost your metabolism and make you burn more fat.

Grapefruit have natural chemicals that reduce insulin levels which leads to weight loss. It helps dissolve fat and cholesterol.

Apples are rich in fibers that keep your blood sugar level constant thus making you feel fuller longer. Natural chemicals in apples control fat absorption and help you release excess body fat.

Fruits and vegetables are not only healthy, but they are amongst the best fat burning foods. One more reason to make fruits and vegetables a staple of your diet if they’re not already!

Protein foods can be considered metabolism boosters because it takes a lot of energy for you body to digest them and that in turn raises metabolism and  burns excess body fat. Don’t forget that protein builds your muscles, and the more muscle mass you have, the higher metabolism you got!

Choose lean meats like turkey – although better not the processed deli variety, chicken or beef cuts (lean) and fish like sardines – that stabilize blood sugar levels which in turn does boost your metabolism and make you feel full for longer – tuna and salmon.

Mushrooms are slow releasing energy food that thins the blood, improves circulation and boosts fat-burning.

What about dairy? Choose low fat yogurt and eggs – they are not only high in protein but contain vitamin B12 that helps burn fat. It was found that people who consume 3 to 4 servings of low-fat dairy products per day usually lose more weight than dieters who did not consume any low-fat dairy products.

Not all fat is bad. Good fats – for instance olives and olive oil – actually help in fat burning – if consumed in moderation.

Pine nuts are worth trying for metabolism boost, because they’re lower in fat compared to other nuts but high in protein – so they increase body’s ability to burn fat and at the same time maintain low cholesterol.

Last but not least, there are many spices that will not only add flavor to your meals but boost your metabolism too. Cayenne Pepper – thought to increase the metabolism of dietary fats and suppress the appetite, chilies and garlic are worth mentioning in context of metabolism boosting foods.

These fat burning foods are just what you need to boost your metabolism and burn excess body fat!

If you add just some of these metabolism boosting foods to your daily diet, along with pursuing some effective form of physical exercise – you’re virtually guaranteed to lose excess fat rather fast and easy, especially from your belly – and look better than ever!

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