Lowering Cholesterol for busy People – Part 1


Cholesterol Dictatorship… if you have enough, youshould. And you must be frustrated to hear over and over what you should or what you shouldn’t eat,like you don’t know yet. But you do know very well andif you still have problems with high Cholesterol…You are not alone.

You are bombard with the advice on nutrition but what isleft out that this advice is not applicable in mostcases. Are you wondering why?

The Secret is out… the diet is useless for everyone whocan’t afford to buy quality products on daily basis. You know that food is either synthetic or over processed,over pesticides and over radiated – in short – building materials are missing.

Plus, don’t forget the hormonal treatment in the meatand poultry industry. It is clear that food is poor qualityand can’t be reliable source of nutrition anymore.

I found it almost ironic that so many experts keep sendingmessage that you can keep Cholesterol low just on nearly empty diet. Please, don’t consider isolated synthetic Vitamins and Minerals a healthy solution. It is not, and never will be.

In reality how many people can afford to shop in the HealthFood Stores, so they are relaying on the food chain industry.

Over processed food is difficult to digest making fat even more difficult to utilized and the consequences are devastating.

Heart Disease, Diabetics and Strokes are just the results.

So, there must be solution… and there is wonderful solutionto this problem I can share with you later, but first, regardless how high or how low is your Cholesterol one thing is certain,you must think about prevention. How sweet it sounds you must to agree with me, but at the same time Prevention without the Medication with iron strong results – that my friend is not always the case.

Yes, yes there are zillions of products and so what… you stillhoping for something better and you should!

Fat paranoia… Again and again you are told to avoid fats just to keep Cholesterol normal but it is not the fat, it is your liver that should processed fats and if your liver is congested, it won’t happen.

Avoiding bad fats it is always a good choice but sometimes it is difficult, so what you can do? You need nutrients toutilize those good and bad fats even when you sleep.

And the beat part is that you don’t need 100 different Supplements to get better, you need only one and the guessingis not involved.

Low LDL (bad Cholesterol) it is not enough to keep you awayfrom Heart Disease. Know your Risk Factor first, and discoverbreakthrough details on Self-Healing and how towakeup the Doctor within you – it is all here: One Stop Self-Healing Web Site


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