Low Carb Foods: Dieting Boon or Rip-off


Questioning the Wisdom of Low Carb Modified Foods

If you are following a low carb diet and you think eating “low carb” versions of things like pancakes and bread is smart, think again. You’ll gain weight as soon as you add real carbs (water weight mostly), any carbs, and you will be paying high prices for unhealthy food in the bargain. Instead eat whole foods such as whole baked potatoes, fresh carrots, salads, vegetable soups, bean dishes. Eat the real thing!

Stay away from the modified versions whether low fat, low carb, or low anything. Low carb means added artificial sweeteners and who knows what to stretch the fiber, low fat usually means added sugar, low calorie is usually crappy tasting. Why pay extra for this trickery?

If you want to lose weight and keep that weight off a few things must happen. Your diet must include healthier foods in greater quantity than unhealthy foods. I’m not talking “good” or “bad” foods. Any food is fine, in moderation. The trick is moderation. I love cake but I don’t eat it every day. I love all kinds of sweets but I don’t over indulge every day. If I did I’d gain weight, and it really is that simple. I choose to stay in shape by eating the goodies when I want, but my desire is infrequent because I want even more to maintain my size.

What does eating pancakes do for me? It makes me want syrup, and maybe something sweet later that day. It sets me up for craving sugary sweet foods. That may not be what I really want, especially if I’m trying to lose a few pounds.

What about bread? Wouldn’t I be better off eating the low carb bread? No. Choose a healthy, whole grain bread. The low carb brands are not whole grain, they are white flour, with added corn starch and artificial sweeteners. They reduce the size of the loaf, and slice the pieces teeny tiny then claim, “Only 4 Net Carbs per Slice” or something equally ridiculous. Check the loaf. Is a sandwich made with teensy sized pieces of bread going to satisfy you or is it going to make you want another sandwich? Eat the real thing, and you’ll feel satisfied from having eaten an adult sized sandwich, and you won’t feel deprived or crave for more.

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