Losing Weight While Eating Foods You Love


What does losing weight mean to you? Do those two words (ie. losing weight) make you grimace? Does the thought of losing weight make you think of starvation and sore muscles?

Maybe those are the reasons that losing weight seems so hard and impossible to most people. Losing weight just seems a pretty painful process overall.

If you think this way then you need to change your mind set. It is very possible to eat foods you love, exercise rarely and still end up losing weight.

If losing weight is your only goal then you don’t even need to worry about exercise. Really. But if being fit and muscular is your goal you should definitely work exercise into the picture.

Okay, you probably think I’m insane by saying you can not exercise and still end up losing weight. Either that or you think I’m going to tell you to starve yourself.

Not at all! I want you to be able to eat the foods you love and still lose weight. It CAN be done.

There are diets out there (and really, they shouldn’t even be called diets, because when people hear the word diet they imagine starvation) that allow you to eat plenty of great tasting foods and still shed those unwanted extra pounds.

These diets, better known as meal plans, are becoming more and more popular all the time. Why? Because they work!

The trouble is weeding out the ones that don’t do what they claim and don’t work, and finding the ones that are worth your time and effort.

The other problem is finding a plan that will work for you, with your specific lifestyle and metabolic needs. Some meal plans for losing weight are great for one group of people and useless to another.

When searching for the right meal plan that will aid you in your weight loss attempts you should keep the following questions in mind…

Does this meal plan include foods I love and would not be able to do without?

Does it deprive me and leave me feeling unsatisfied?

Is it recommended for someone of my age and/or weight?

Will it work for me in the long run or will it be the same as a yo-yo diet?

If the meal plan you are considering trying gives favorable answers to all of these questions then you have definitely got a winner on your hands.

With a meal plan like that you would be able to eat the foods you love and still lose the weight you hate.

Back to exercise… Now, even though I told you the truth earlier when I said you wouldn’t need to exercise at all if you found the right meal plan, I highly advise that you at least learn to work a little bit of exercise into your schedule each day.

Not just to help with losing weight or getting fit either. Regular exercise will help you to stay or become healthy and avoid a lot of costly diseases and illnesses.

Now, don’t go and forget what you’ve just learned. Instead, use these tips to help keep yourself from getting “burned” by a meal plan that is wrong for you.

Beth Scott is a syndicated authority on weight loss matters. She fought her own weight loss battle and won. Now, she’s using her experience to help others lose weight. Visit her Weight Loss Website [http://www.SecretsToLosingWeight.com], for articles and ebooks on losing weight.

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