Lose Weight While You Sleep

Lose Weight While You Sleep

Believe it or not,Lose Weight While You Sleep Articles sleep has a great deal to do with how and
what you eat and maintaining your weight.

Your body runs according to your biological clock. This
clock is difficult if not impossible to change. So, you must
create your lifestyle around this internal clock. Most of us
structure our sleep around our work, family and home life
with less thought to what our bodies need – we’re dealing
with life. But there is good incentive to make a change.

A lack of sleep can affect your weight in two ways:

1.People who lack sleep are more likely to overeat. Your
ability to be in tune to hunger is diminished and research
shows that sleep-deprived people tend to eat 15% more food
than those who get the sleep they need. Many go for high-
sugar comfort foods, like cookies and candy, for a quick
energy boost. In a sleep-deprived state, the body will store
more calories as fat thinking a crisis is near. Ugh!

2.When you get enough sleep you replenish your energy
stores and your hormones stay in check. When you are
sleep deprived the hormone cortisol rises in your body,
indicating stress. When cortisol remains high it stimulates
your appetite for high sugar foods and it also causes the
body to store more fat in the abdominal area. Lack of sleep
can lead to weight gain!

Consider the following:

*What time do you get up? Go to bed?
*How many hours of sleep do you average?
*How many hours of sleep do you need?
*Based on the hours of sleep you need, what time is
ideal for you to go to bed? To get up?

You might notice some changes need to be made. While
you may not be able to reach your ideal habits right now,
making small changes in sleeping habits can help, especially
during the crazy schedules the holidays bring.

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