Lose Weight NOW! – The Truth or Consequences Diet?


If you knew when you were going to die, would you really want to know? If you knew when you were going to lose your life, would you do anything different? If you had a choice of living longer or living a better quality of life, which would you choose, longer or better?

People say, “if only” they had known they were going to have this happen to me,
they would have done things differently. IF ONLY…I had not stressed so much about
life. IF ONLY…I had known this was going to happen; maybe I would have stopped
smoking, laid off a few hamburgers and fries. Who knows? Maybe I would have
taken the stairs more, ridden my bike, and had a medical check up more often.

What if you could actively change the outcome of your life by eating better and
getting daily exercise? What if you felt better, had more energy, less pain, and a
better attitude toward aging? What if you approached life with more confidence,
rather than dreading the day? The fact is you will never know ahead of time when
your life will end. Life, love and logic never seem to be on the same page. You can
leave this earth anytime and for any reason. How you decide to live those days
before you do go is your choice. You can continue down the path you’re going with
achy joints, low energy levels, high stress, and poor eating habits or you can choose
a different path.

The health of America is going to get worse before it gets better. Diabetes, obesity,
osteoporosis, heart disease–are all at epidemic levels. And for the first time in
history the kids of today are projected not to live as long as there parents have. The
only way for the health of America to get better is for you to be personally
responsible, change your attitudes toward exercise, and support one another in the

The silent threesome of denial, pride, and lazy has been muted by the fantasy
fitness land programs promises of immediate results. This silent treatment is killing
you from the INSIDE OUT. Until a few years ago, it was thought that Americans were
healthy. Of course, that’s not true. We’ve had a health problem for years.

In the “good years,” more money, more marketing and more-for-me attitudes
enabled you to focus on making the big bucks. It allowed you to put off worrying
about healthy bodies. The accent was on NOW and not later. But the fiscal wealth we
accumulated years ago is NOW being drained by our physical healthcare costs.
Eventually, your bad health will consume all the extra dollars you worked so hard to
earn. Some of the responsibility falls with the big corporations, insurance companies
and hospital groups. But at the end of the day, the buck stops with YOU.

The reality of this situation bites; however, the solution is not to ignore it, but to
encourage people to embrace it. Many of you have either given up on yourself or
just flat out are living in denial. Either way the choice is still yours. The fact of the
matter is there is still hope for America and there is still hope for you, too.

Don’t let the buck stop with you. Take care of your own life before it takes charge of

What if you knew that if you didn’t exercise, you would face the CONSEQUENCES

What if you knew that your kids would do exactly as you do? Most people wait until
something happens to them or to someone close to them before they change their
lifestyle habits. There are no guarantees that healthy living will add one more day to
your life, but what if it could? At the very least, what if your day-to-day quality of
life could be better?

Or worse yet, what if tomorrow a stroke, heart attack, or cancer struck your life?
What then? The first thing to do is for you to face the music or embrace the reality
of your health. Accepting your circumstances does not mean you are admitting
defeat. It means you are starting to build a foundation in order to move forward.

In a Nut Shell:

Life sometimes has a way of giving us slight hints or sometimes shocking wake-up
calls. The question is, “Will you answer the call?” Would your life be any different if
you knew what the future held? Most of us would say it would be. The truth is in
that old saying, “We really are not promised tomorrow.” You may not be able to
change when you will die, but you sure can change how you feel each day through
daily exercise and eating the right foods. What would your life be like if you felt
better, had more energy and lowered your stress levels? Can you imagine? No one
wants bad things to happen to their health. No one wants to pay the price for his or
her bad decision, right?

“Are you going to let Denial, Pride, and Laziness keep their grip on you?” There are
no guarantees that exercise and eating will prolong death or ward off a disease.
However, there is a good chance they can give you a better quality of life? No doubt
our health as a whole will get worse before it gets better, but it does not have to be
that way for you.

The bottom line is: denying your health is a losing cause; entertaining pride is a
waste of energy; and being lazy is no excuse for anything. In the end, only you will
be able to decide to accept the truth or deal with the consequences.

Greg Ryan best selling author of the Changing from the “INSIDE OUT”, former employee of Kathy Smith and a high profile fitness expert. Discover the five step common sense way to lose weight that the medical and fitness industry’s DON’T want you to know.

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