Is Excess Weight in Your Future?


According to a new research study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, ninety percent of all adult males can be expected to become overweight as they age, whereas the number is closer to seventy percent of women.

Success with the Zone Diet Program depends largely upon restricting the amount of carbohydrates consumed while maximizing the vitamins and minerals derived from them. Sadly, many individuals have difficulty recognizing what a carbohydrate is since they think of carbohydrates as only pasta and sweets. In truth, fruits and vegetables are also carbohydrates. An easy way to remember this is that “carbohydrates grow in the ground, and don’t move around.” Pasta must be a carbohydrate, since it comes from wheat, which grows in the ground.

Similiarily, vegetables like broccoli grow in the ground, so they are also carbohydrates. Finally, fruits like apples come from trees that grow in the ground, which makes them carbohydrates as well. Although this may seem overly simplified, the fact that fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates is a major revelation to many Americans.

It might be tough in the beginning so do not expect a standing ovation when you first remove the chips or soda pop from your home. Behavior change takes a great deal of time and patience. The great part about implementing these changes is that the benefits will occur almost immediately because when you rid your body of junk food your mind and body function better because the food that you are putting is high octane instead of sludge. You will eventually be free from weight and health issues caused by poor eating.

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