Human Hibernation Can Make You Thin Again


Some new rapidly approaching technology is the science of Human Hibernation. The bodies of many types of mammals including humans respond to hydrogen sulfide gas causing them to go into a slow state of around 10% of their normal state, in such a state the body is in hibernation. Just like Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. In such a state our bodies start into a slow cycle similar to a laptop in hibernation mode using only a trickle of the energy it does while in full use.

As the body goes into hibernation it begins to feed on its fat, meaning it is helping you lose weight. So, the plan would be to go into hibernation and sleep away the fat. How long would this take? Oh, about a week per ten pounds or so. In fact if you were 100 pounds over week you could save money, catch up on that much needed sleep and never have to make that phone call to Jenny Craig you have been putting off.

When a bear is in the state of hyperphagia it eats lots for its time in the future hibernation of four to six months. This means you could “pig out” in true hyperphagia style for the holidays, party up a storm and then sleep it all off as your New Years Resolution. So in the future you can toss out your calorie counter and take it all in. Well, not quite yet, but soon scientists will have this all figured out, as NASA plans to use this for long space flights to Mars. The astronauts will eat to their hearts content and then some, then blast off and sleep until they arrive, then wake up, freshen up and land safely on Mars.

For you and I, well we should have this technology in about 5-7 years and probably in a prescription pill under doctor supervision. Just think in the future all humans will be thin and wake refreshed after a nice hibernation?

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