How To Make Your Next Weight Loss Attempt The Last One


You have tried repeatedly to keep a diet and you almost did the last time. It’s true that here and there you stumbled a few times but that’s okay.

However, you were disappointed to see that you didn’t get any results, despite all your efforts. But maybe there are some things that you didn’t know about dieting. Let’s go over some of these tips together.

Do you make time to eat at the same time every day? It’s important not to miss any meals and its okay to have some snacks too. But you have to snack wisely. Have something healthy: low-fat yogurt, dry fruits or raw vegetables. We don’t recommend ignoring your hunger, because otherwise you’ll get very hungry for your next meal and you’ll find yourself eating too much.

How many times have you found yourself eating for reasons other than hunger? We usually indulge in foods that are fattening for sentimental reasons. Try listening to your body so you can see what’s really going on inside. Maybe you are worried or preoccupied with something. Overeating solves worry and other emotional upset temporarily, but the underlying reason must be resolved. If you are bored, just get up and go for a walk or do something you’ve been putting off.

Are you eating foods you like? Are you giving yourself enough variety every day? The only foods that I eat every day are bananas, bran cereal, vegetable juices, some fruit and raw vegetable snacks. Everything else I mix around a bit. A friend of mine had me over one day and had me try some of her miso soup. I loved it and asked her for the recipe. Now I make some every other day. I find that not depriving yourself of the foods you love, even if they’re a little bad for you, is okay every once in a while.

The reason diets don’t work most of the time is that we are put on a regimen of foods we don’t like. If you eat something fattening, then go for a 30 minute walk right afterwards.

How many times have you found yourself reading nutrition labels? You might just want to use common sense in order to determine what’s good for you and establish your own rhythm. Once you do that, you’ll get physical and psychological satisfaction.

Sometimes when you’re watching TV you’ll see a commercial which makes you feel hungry. All of a sudden you’re obsessed with getting some food. At that moment, you should get up and walk around. Go outside and get some air. Do something meaningless for a few minutes and then go back to what you were doing. Your craving should be gone.

If it’s not, then cut up some raw vegetables and start snacking. If that won’t stop the craving then it’s okay to give in. But make it hard on yourself. Take a walk right afterwards. Burn some calories.

Mind these little details and be kind to yourself. Get a book on affirmations and start writing some out every day. See yourself at the weight you would like to be. See yourself doing the things you would like to do and go ahead, give it another try. You’ll be more successful the next time!

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