How To Lose Excess Tummy Fat At Home Safely And Effectively?


Human body has two types of fats – subcutaneous and visceral. Mostly the weight loss programs adopted by adult men and women aim to get rid of the visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat store energy but it is lost from the body just in the way we peel an onion. To fulfill the requirement for good energy store,Guest Posting the body requires energy foods but in an aging body, the body produces only visceral fats and cellulites. Cellulite is connective tissues which store fatty acids and the fat in these regions are of the nature of oleic acids, palmitic acid and stearic acids. If the fat storage in cellulites reduces, the tissues are compressed which makes it difficult for blood to flow in certain areas of the body. Many of us have tried methods to lose tummy fat at home but just getting rid of non-fatty foods may not solve the problem.

To know how to lose excess tummy fat, one need to know the mechanism that leads to excess accumulation of fat on body parts. The human body deposits fats in various parts and the type of fat depositions depends on the kind of fat intake. For example – a person taking coconut fat will have different type of fat deposition in the body fat depots as compared to the person dependent on animal fat. The metabolic system is not equipped to decompose and make use all types of fats that we eat. Especially if the fat components are mixed with certain chemicals, bio-chemicals or impurities of foods, it can get deposited in a strange composition which may be difficult for the body to digest and use. This composition may include fat extracted from food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

The study found the fat intake through normal fatty foods and the fat that was synthesized by body from proteins and carbohydrates were of different nature and were not digested by the same method. This means people who are taking non-fatty foods and have restricted their diet to proteins and carbohydrate to lose tummy fat at home can get fat accumulation in different body organs of a different composition. People who have a plump body get fat depositions from specific type of food and it may be difficult to get rid of it because the body requires a characteristic set of bio chemicals to digest body fat made from a set of different types of foods.

People, who want to know how to lose excess tummy fat, may be surprised to know that the body is not equipped to digest all we eat. A study on rats showed warm blooded animals cannot synthesize linoleic acid when taken in excess amount. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acids and the synthesis of such fat by body is limited.

In this condition, herbs offers the best ways to people who want to know how to lose excess tummy fat because herbs provide the body with plant based chemicals that can dissolve long term fat found in fat depots. Widely know anti-obesity remedy Figura capsules contain herbs such as Acacia Arabica Wild, Coleus Aromaticus, Terminalia Chebula and other extracts that can help in digestion and elimination of fat from fat depots in a safe manner to help lose tummy fat at home.

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