How the Boy Scout Motto can help you lose weight

How the Boy Scout Motto can help you lose weight

Be Prepared. For the Boy Scouts it means you are always
ready in body and mind to do your duty. How can you use this
motto to help you in your weight loss efforts?

I am of the school of thought that starvation is not the way
to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. My thinking has
always been to make the right choices in the foods we eat.
For many people,How the Boy Scout Motto can help you lose weight Articles it is not overeating that is their enemy-it
is the wrong choices. This article is assuming you know the
difference between good food choices and bad. There are many
articles that can be found on making proper food choices.

For example; have you ever been trying to diet and found
yourself out around town running errands and then suddenly
so hungry you could not hardly stand it? Or have you ever
been at work and your workmates want to go to the local
Mexican restaurant and you did not pack your lunch that day?
Normally what happens is you swing into the local fast food
joint or go with your coworkers to the restaurant and end up
making bad choices. How can this be prevented? Answer: Be

The above “bad choice” scenarios could have been avoided by
being prepared. The first could have been prevented by
carrying a meal replacement bar or shake in your vehicle
with you. This could have curbed your hunger until you were
home and in a position to prepare a nutritious snack or
meal. The second could have been avoided by having a
nutritious lunch packed and ready to eat at lunch time. You
could have even carried it to the restaurant and enjoyed the
company of your coworkers.

The number one enemy of being prepared is time. “I don’t
have time to pack my lunch in the evening!” or “I don’t have
time to cook in the evening!” I have good news and bad news.
If you are going to be prepared – it is going to take time.
The good news is that it does not have to be as time
consuming as you may think.

One way to save time and be prepared is to use meal
replacement shakes or meal replacement powders. These can be
carried with you wherever you go and mixed and consumed in a
matter of minutes. Another way is to do your cooking when
you have time. I know of one person that prepares 7 chicken
breasts on Sunday night and puts them in Tupperware serving
dishes along with brown rice and steamed broccoli. They just
simply take one per day to work and have a very nutritious,
weight loss friendly lunch.

Some more ideas for being prepared in your weight loss

· Have cans of tuna in your desk at work.
· Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.
· Do your cooking when you have time and cook enough for several meals.
· Keep meal replacement powders and meal replacement bars nearby.
· Purchase a Tupperware shaker
· Learn to like raw fruits and vegetables. These are very portable and hit the spot!

These are just some ideas to get you started. I am sure you
can think of many more. The important thing is to have foods
around you that are delicious and nutritious and will help
you reach your weight loss goals. If you can’t stand to eat
raw carrots then there is no sense in taking a bag to work –
You simply will not eat them. You will more than likely make
a bad choice when hunger hits. Experiment around and find
nutritious choices that are portable and that you enjoy.

Do not let yourself reach the point of no return in your
hunger. At this point most of us will eat about anything.
Stay ahead of the game and be prepared. When hunger hits –
make wise choices and your body will respond in a favorable

Remember; Be prepared and you will reach your weight loss

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