How Kindness Toward Yourself Helps Weight Loss


Every Day One Step Closer to Lasting Weight Loss

Relax, you have plenty of time. Every day you’re one step closer. We look in the mirror and want to see results now, but usually it’s the same old reflection staring right back at us. Sometimes we don’t notice changes that are there to see, we’re so busy focusing on our flaws and imperfections. Turn and check your profile and that too seems the same. Nothing appears to be happening, no matter what you ate yesterday or the day before. You may even lose a couple pounds here, and suddenly you notice a new bulge there. Stop seeking what’s wrong and look for what’s right. Smile at yourself. Stand up taller, put a crown on your head. You are rich in every way when you believe in yourself.

This daily checking for physical evidence of weight loss success can make it easy to throw our hands up saying, “What’s the point? This isn’t working. I want a doughnut,” and whoosh, right back to old habits we go. Your body will make subtle changes which you may not notice at all for several weeks, so while you’re wanting proof right now, your body is doing everything it can to create better health and a better appearance too. Use gentle eyes when you look, and give yourself a boost toward lasting weight loss.

See yourself and soften your gaze. Be kind. When people meet you they aren’t being so harsh, so why are you? Don’t focus on what you do not like, instead find something you appreciate and focus on that.

Use Gentle Eyes When you See Yourself

Next time you check your reflection, look at yourself with gentle eyes. Don’t search for tiny flaws, instead look for something to admire. Notice your sparkling eyes, your winning smile, your dimples and freckles. Search for what’s right, not what’s wrong. Maybe it’s an eyelash, or the curve of your jaw. Just pick a spot and say, “That’s nice. There’s something to admire.” Be kind.

Realize you won’t see big changes from one day to the next and you won’t be so disappointed, and if you’re really brave (and smart), have a weekly picture taken. When you later see the evidence in sequence, you’ll notice the subtle changes you didn’t see before.

Commit to One Day at a Time or the One More Bite Approach

Commit to one day at a time you will get where you want to be whether it’s better health, a slimmer physique or both. Remember there’s always One More Bite — an hour from now, later today, and tomorrow there will always be another bite. If you remember there is always One More Bite on its way, you’ll not have to eat every last bite right now.

Stop fighting yourself by hating your body, instead give it love and kindness. So what if your nose isn’t perfect; neither is mine. I am not my nose. I am also not my legs or hips, but my legs carry me around and get me where I want to go. They work hard for me. I should appreciate that about my legs, even if they aren’t the loveliest legs on the planet. There is a certain curve here, and bit of a dimple there that you could find to admire, if you look.

Start with one small thing and build from there. The more you befriend your body the more it’ll work to please you.

Kathryn Martyn, Master NLP Practitioner, EFT counselor, Weight Loss Coach and owner of is the author of “Changing Beliefs, Your First Step to Permanent Weight Loss.”

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