How I Lost Weight and Still Ate Junk Food


Sound too good to be true? Well think again! It’s true, eat what you want whenever you want, and still lose weight. How do I know this? I’ve worked the program! This is not a diet. It is a program. If you stick with the program I guarantee, you will lose weight.

I usually don’t have a problem with my weight, but when I quit smoking, I certainly did. Two weeks after I quit smoking I gained three pounds, and the funny thing was, I was still eating the same amount of food as I was before. After I gained this unnecessary baggage, I knew what I needed to do.

Fortunately, I already studied and even participated in a revolutionary new eating program back in the nineties with my husband, and so I knew what to expect and what to do on this program.

I can munch on my Pringles, and savor my coffee ice cream whenever I want and still lost weight while doing this program. And so can you!

Just ask Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, authors of the best selling book FIT FOR LIFE. They co-authored the Fit For Life book back in 1985, and wrote about this revolutionary new way of eating that has helped thousands lose weight, become healthier, and have more energy.

In a nutshell I’m going to tell you about it. If you want more details on this program, buy the book or check out their website.

Here is how it works. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, but don’t mix a protein food with a starch food. Eat ten baked potatoes if you want, but don’t eat any meat with those ten bake potatoes. Or if you’re a meat eater, go ahead and eat five steaks, but don’t eat starchy foods with your steaks.

A starchy food is potatoes, bread, corn, chips, rice, pasta, etc. This way of eating really works! Try it! Eat all the pasta you want, but don’t mix meat with it. Eat ten hamburger patties, but don’t eat the buns with your patties.

Why does this work? Our bodies have a very difficult time assimilating proteins and starches combined. These foods when combined together at a meal take eight to ten hours to fully digest in the stomach. Before the food even has a chance to digest, it begins to rot in the gut.

Improper food combining impedes the digestion and elimination cycles.

Poor assimilation of food makes our bodies tired and constipated. It takes so much energy trying to digest meat combined with a starch, that all we want to do after eating a poorly combined meal is take a nap. And the food still sits in our stomachs for another twenty hours putrefying!

If we only ate the steak with a salad and side of vegetable, it would only take three to four hours to digest. We wouldn’t feel tired afterwards, and we could eat all we want of that steak and salad and lose weight!

Unbelievable you say?

Not really. My husband and I have been on this eating program for over ten years, and we both absolutely love the results. It keeps our weight down and we have so much more energy when we properly combine our food groups.

I have been known to come off the program for various reasons; the biggest being not having the opportunity to cook my own meals. If you go off this program, changes do take place in the body the very next day; constipation and lack of energy are the biggest culprits.

After several days away from the program major changes take place where it affects the way you look and feel. If you don’t feel good you don’t look good either. This affects your whole outlook on life, which is detrimental to your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Stick with the program!

Of course the most important part of this program, as with any program is adhering to it no matter what. Don’t think that just because you lost 5 pounds in four weeks, and have more energy that you can stop the program.

The most difficult part about this program is not cooking our own meals. Eating out in restaurants or going on vacation can take us out of our eating schedule and we can’t always stick to the proper combining of foods.

You might find that you gained a few pounds while enjoying your escape from the daily grind, but hey, you can always go back to the program.

Just remember, to be fit for life we have to continue the program for optimal weight and energy.

Go ahead and try it for a month! And see the results for yourself! If you have any questions, email me.

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