How can YOU Achieve Your Perfect Weight Without Dieting?


How many times have you embarked on a new diet plan to achieve a certain weight goal and not been successful? How do you know what that goal should be? Before you can answer that question you need to decide what you consider your ideal weight to be. How do you do that? The medical profession will tell you that there is a target weight based on your height,Guest Posting which is different for men and women. Most slimming clubs will do the same and set you a target weight as your objective.

But is that target weight the ideal weight for you? First you need to ask yourself why you want to be a certain weight. Is it because you want to look great for a special occasion, a holiday, wedding or party? Or do you find that each year you need to buy a new wardrobe of clothes because you’ve put on a few extra pounds. For many people their ideal weight is one they feel comfortable with. Being comfortable with your weight boosts self confidence and you really feel good about yourself.

Now I always suggest to people looking to lose weight to first check their BMI or Body Mass Index. If you have not done this yet there are several websites which provide easy to use BMI calculators. BMI gives you a healthy weight range for your height and this is an excellent starting point for most people. You can then set yourself a target weight within the healthy BMI range and this will give you some flexibility around what your target should be.

The biggest problem with many weight loss programmes is that they just do not last. The weight loss industry knows that less than one person in ten who starts a diet will be able to maintain their target weight. Whichever diet plan you select, meal replacement, slimming club, diet pills or potions, fat burning exercise regimes, as soon as you stop dieting and return to your previous lifestyle, you will in all probability regain the weight you lost on the programme.

The media seem to love a new diet plan especially when it is endorsed by a celebrity. Now please do not get me wrong. Most of the weight loss plans and products deliver the desired effect for as long as you follow the programme. I have used a number of these in the past and achieved excellent results. But as soon as I stopped attending the meetings or reverted to eating proper meals rather than the meal replacements, the weight came back on.

It is also essential to dispel the idea, which many people believe, if you are to reach and maintain your perfect weight, that if you lose weight slowly you are unlikely to put it back. I know as I’m speaking from personal experience. But there is a fundamental truth behind this idea. If you lose weight by reducing the amount of food you eat and increasing the exercise you take, this can be true. However, simply using one of the quick fix diets will not enable you to achieve your weight loss objectives in the longer term.

Once you have decided how much weight you really want to lose, it’s time to start the journey to your target weight and just like any journey you need a plan. Unfortunately it’s not like a car journey, when you make a wrong turn, the satellite navigation system automatically recalculates your route and directs you back onto the right road, without you having to do anything about it.

But each one of us does have an inbuilt mechanism to keep us on track. It’s called the MIND.

This is the real secret to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. It does not matter how detailed your healthy eating and exercise plans are. If your mind is not programmed to support you, it is like the satellite navigation system without the maps. It will pinpoint where you are, but it has no idea of how to get you to where you want to be.

So let me ask you a question. Where is your MIND at the moment? Is it just a wish or dream to reach your target weight? Or is it a burning DESIRE? Because desire is the starting point to programming your mind to ensure that you reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Desire provides the MOTIVATION for you to take the consistent ACTION essential to execute your weight loss plans. So how can you reach and maintain your perfect weight without dieting?

* Believe in yourself that you can achieve that target weight
* Start to see yourself at that ideal weight
* Act as though you have already achieved your target weight loss
* Think about your relationship with food and stop comfort eating
* Plan your meals in advance so that you can eat healthily
* Make changes to your lifestyle to incorporate more exercise each day
* Maintain the desire to remain at your target weight once you have achieved it

Remember, less than one in ten people achieve and maintain their ideal weight. Most people fail to achieve the results they want because their mind sabotages their efforts. Reprogramming your mind with a burning desire to succeed is the real secret to looking good, feeling great and living life to the full.

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