Hoodia Gordoni and Dieting


Pure hoodia gordonii supplements are being marketed all over the internet. Millions of Americans are overweight; it has been called a national health problem. So, the internet companies are aware of the sales potential for any supplement that suppresses the appetite. Hoodia gordoni is no exception. Weight loss products are big sellers. Everyone is looking for a miracle; some product that magically allows overnight weight loss. Pure hoodia gordonii supplements are not magic pills. They will only help suppress the appetite. Dieters should consider hoodia gordoni as part of a healthy weight loss program and not the weight loss program.

It is commonly accepted that anyone can lose weight if they reduce their caloric intake. Phytopharm, a British pharmaceutical company, studied the effects of the active molecule in pure hoodia gordonii in 2001. This was a double-blind study of overweight, but otherwise healthy individuals. Participants were placed on a reduced calorie diet for two weeks. Those participants who received the hoodia gordoni extract reported feeling less hungry than those participants who were given a placebo. Both groups lost some weight, but the group that received the hoodia gordoni lost a significant amount of body fat. It is believed that the active molecule in pure hoodia gordonii improves metabolism. This may explain the loss of extra body fat or it could have been caused by other factors.

Many supplement companies are marketing hoodia gordoni, but Phytopharm (the first pharmaceutical company to do any research on the appetite suppressant qualities of the plant) is not yet ready to market their patented form of pure hoodia gordonii. Phytopharm says that clinical trials are not complete, long-term effects are unknown and necessary quantities are not yet available. Pharmaceutical companies have to be careful when entering a new market. Recalls are far too common and can prove disastrous for the companies. Supplement companies are apparently more willing to take the risk.

Manufacturers of dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handles all complaints related to hoodia gordoni and other supplements. The FTC has not reported any complaints related to pure hoodia gordonii products as of this writing. Other false claims concerning weight loss supplements have been investigated and some have been taken off the market. The FTC advises that the best way to lose weight is by reducing calories and increasing physical activity.

Most overweight people know that the only way to maintain a healthy weight is to watch what they eat and exercise, but for many, it is hard to stick to a low calorie diet long enough to see results. This is where hoodia gordoni may be helpful. If it does help to suppress the appetite and increase metabolism, then it may be easier for a person to lose weight. Another important thing to remember is that a low calorie diet has a tendency to have a negative impact on a person’s metabolism. If pure hoodia gordonii products can suppress the appetite, allowing a person to stick to a low calorie diet, without lowering that person’s metabolism, then dieters should not hit those terrible plateaus where they are unable to lose any more weight. No matter how hard they try.

So, if all the things that everyone is saying about hoodia gordoni are true and the research seems to support these statements, then it may be worth a trial. It is recommended that dieters remember to drink plenty of water, since pure hoodia gordonii products will suppress thirst, as well as appetite. Water is important to dieters, in any case. The average person needs about 64 ounces of water per day. Most people do not drink enough. So, if you need to lose some weight, see your doctor to confirm that you are in good health. Make some lifestyle changes that include an increase in physical activity and a decrease in high calorie, high fat foods. And, if you usually have trouble sticking to a diet, purchase some hoodia gordoni from a reputable company to help suppress your appetite.

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