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Yes this is an article about hoodia and its benefits relating to weight loss.

Will you please excuse me on this occasion for not going into much detail or anything too original. I have much to say about hoodia but this is my first submission and I want to be sure it all works before submitting a full blown essay.

So please bear with me and keep your eyes peeled after this dry run. Thanks for your patience.

I will just say for now that hoodia is an extraordinary natural plant used by indigenous bushmen for as long as anyone knows to prevent them feeling hungry when on the move for days and weeks. As usual there is much sceptisim amongst the orthodox medical fraternity but the anecdotal evidence, not to mention the empirical evidence supplied by the bushmen is rather overwhelming. You do have to wonder sometimes whether the mainstream medical community has vested pharmaceutical interests.

Basically hoodia makes you feeel full and disinclined to eat for at least a day. Of course, this calls into question the requirement for daily nutrients but let’s face it, over a short term if you’re determined to lose weight, there are numerous dietary supplements in pill form available from your local drug store.

Next time I will discuss how to source hoodia and make sure you find the right product. I will also go into how it works and also the FDA’s attitude to hoodia.

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