High Dose Fish Oil: Beneficial or Harmful?


High Dose Fish Oil & Omega 3 Fish Oil Side Effects

Studies related to high dose fish oil have not, to this point, revealed any detrimental side effects. Recommended dosages vary from two to five grams per day. The average fish oil capsule contains only about a half a gram. Five grams is equivalent to about one teaspoon.

The common side effects of fish oil include a fishy aftertaste and in a few cases diarrhea. Omega 3 benefits to the heart, brain and other systems far outweigh the omega 3 fish oil side effects. One thing to be cautious of, however, is that fish oil is a blood thinner. Therefore, if you are already using blood thinners (such as aspirin) be sure to let your doctor know you intend to take fish oils so he or she can monitor you.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends no more than two grams of fish oil per day from a fish oil supplement. This recommendation is not due to additional known side effects from high dose fish oil supplementation per se, but because the FDA is concerned about risks associated with fish oil contamination.

If unsafe levels of mercury are present, omega 3 fish oil side effects will be like those of mercury poisoning. Smart consumers will avoid this possibility by purchasing molecularly distilled fish oil or pharmaceutical grade fish oil. These fish oils will contain no impurities and therefore make high dose fish oil supplementation much safer.

If you are using high dose fish oil, try taking it with food rather than on an empty stomach and this may help to get rid of the fish aftertaste and “fishy tasting burps”. In rare cases where diarrhea was noted, lowering the dosage slightly was effective.

Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly those found in fish oil, may play an important role in preventing heart disease, reducing triglycerides in the blood stream, improving the ratio of good to bad cholesterol in the blood stream and much more.

High Dose Fish Oil

One of the best fish oils comes from New Zealand. The fish source is the Hoki fish, which is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids and swims in very clean waters, so the possibility of contamination in low, but manufacturers still purify the oil using molecular distillation technology. For those considering high dose fish oil supplemetation this is probably the best choice and the ones we use ourselves.

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