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In contrast to HCG drops,Guest Posting many dieting methods suffer from one severe disadvantage: they don’t allow you to lose the right kind of fat. Yes, there are in fact different kinds of fat in the human body. Three types, to be correct. If you’re getting rid of the wrong kind, your attempt to lose weight will be difficult and the results will be only temporary. That’s the big failing of most dieting methods.

Without any further ado, the three kinds of fat are:

  1. Structural
  2. Reserve
  3. Abnormal

Each type of fat satisfies a different need. The first two, reserve and structural fat, are normal in fit people. They perform necessary bodily functions and cause you to feel horrible if they are gone. The third one, abnormal fat just accumulates into misshapen masses that get blocked from normal use.

We should take a look at each kind of fat more closely.

Structural Fat

This type of fat is the most significant type and has a wide variety functions in your body:

  • Protects your internal body parts and organs
  • Supports and protects the coronary arteries
  • Shields your kidneys by packing them in soft material
  • Cushions your foot bones so you can walk without severe pain
  • Keeps your skin smooth and healthy

You will never see structural fat, because it fills into the “corner” spaces inside the body, and it’s an essential part of the body. Structural fat can become consumed by famine conditions or lengthy and repeated diet attempts. If this happens you feel horrible and look worse.

Structural fat can be brought back to good levels with the correct use of HCG drops while following the HCG diet protocol—especially the two “loading” days.

Reserve Fat

The human body stores its reserve fat all over—it’s spread out evenly and never becomes stuck in abnormal deposits. Even if your body were to build up as much reserve fat as it could possibly hold, it couldn’t ever be mistaken for obesity. You might look very slightly padded, but nobody would wonder if you were gaining weight.

Reserve fat is what gets used first if you aren’t taking in enough food. Fat packs a lot of caloric value into a tiny space, making it very efficient. That makes fat your first source for quick energy needs.

Overweight people often have chronically low reserve fat, which explains why they so often have cravings for fatty foods. Their abnormal fat is locked up, and the body simply doesn’t have any other way to provide quick energy boosts.

HCG drops, together with the two “loading” days of the HCG diet, will help make sure you can build your reserve fat back to normal levels.

Abnormal Fat

Abnormal fat doesn’t fulfill any job in the body—it’s solely caused by the obesity disorder. Abnormal fat is the kind that gathers in unsightly deposits in the typical places such as belly, thighs, and hips. The sole use abnormal fat has is as a last-ditch resource versus starvation. Only when the reserve and structural fat have been consumed, with the associated horrible effects, the body finally allows itself to start pulling from its abnormal fat deposits.

How HCG Drops Burn the Right Type of Fat

HCG drops help use the right type of fat by accessing your body’s normally inaccessible fat deposits. They do this by rebalancing the mechanism within the brain that controls how your body uses fat. This permits your body to mobilize its abnormal fat and direct it into the blood stream to provide energy and nutrition, which then allows you to limit your usual caloric intake with little or no hunger. The abnormal fat goes away, and the body’s necessary structural and reserve fat remain and are even allowed to be restored to their appropriate level.

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