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Is your metabolism sluggish? Possible indicators may include the fact that you are more of a sedentary person as opposed to someone who moves around frequently. You may find it difficult to lose weight, or keep it off. And you may even move more slowly and talk slower than others, although these are more arbitrary symptoms. If you want to rev your metabolism, ask your doctor first to see if he or she can make suggestions for you to try. Find out if the following might help you to develop a more accelerated metabolism.

1. Get eight hours of sleep. If you are used to nine or more, or six or fewer, your body’s metabolism may be trying to compensate during the day for the amount of rest it actually needs. Someone who prefers resting to running may be tired because their body’s metabolism is off due to an improper amount of rest.

2. Drink plenty of water. Eight glasses a day will help to keep your system clean and operational. People who are dehydrated cannot perform daily functions very well. They are often tired and listless. Avoid caffeine, which can give you a temporary high before sending your body into a tailspin. One or two cups daily are all right, especially if you need a jump-start in the morning or before an exam. But keep it to a minimum.

3. Keep moving. Get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day, with your doctor’s permission, of course. Fidget while you watch television. Pace when talking on the phone. Jiggle your knees while at the computer. You can even rock in a comfortable chair while talking to your kids or spouse. Research shows that little movement like these can add up and kick your metabolism into a higher gear.

4. Avoid heavy foods. Lots of starches and carbohydrates can make you full and cause you to feel sleepy. Follow a sensible food chart utilizing all five food groups, but don’t overdo the carbs or sugary snacks, as well as anything that is high in fat. Foods full of butter, gravy, pasta, and fat are not good for you, and they will slow down your metabolism.

5. Take extra steps. Park further from your destination and walk the extra distance. Go up and down stairs several times a day to put things away. Look for opportunities to keep your body moving, and it will soon get into the habit of humming along at a higher speed, which will keep you feeling energetic and can help to burn extra calories.

While you may wish you could just wear a patch or have a simple operation to enhance your metabolism, those options are not yet available. Instead, make easy adjustments like those outlined above to help your body perform to its potential and get healthy.

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