Garlic – God’s Gift


Amongst all vegetables, garlic enjoys the top position for its amazing medicinal effects against various diseases and ailments. Garlic lowers cholesterol, brings down the risk of various heart diseases, and provides immunity against various ailments. It also helps in fighting against cancers in the digestive systems and rectum. It prevents stomach cancer, colon, by its ability to reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds.

Following benefits are derived in consumption of garlic, included in our food.

1. High blood pressure

2. High cholesterol and triglycerides

3. supports cardiovascular system

4. Garlic has antibiotic properties which provide for the treatment of infection of the skin.

Garlic reduces the risk of heart disease. Following benefits are indicated:

1. Lowering total cholesterol

2. lowering LDL cholesterol

3. Lowering blood pressure

4. Acts as an antioxidant

5. reduces the risk of blood clots and stroke.

Garlic and pregnancy:

Regular intake of garlic, during pregnancy, reduces high blood pressure and protein in the urine. Adding extracts of garlic to cells from placenta of pregnant women stimulates the growth of babies. The activity of enzymes which get reduced in abnormal pregnancies are increased with garlic consumption.

Garlic against tuberculosis

Studies have proved that extracts of garlic inhibits the growth of bacteria, responsible for tuberculosis.

Besides, garlic has antiparasitic properties, against round worms which are the most common type of intestinal parasite.

Garlic has the ability to reduce blood sugar level also, according to studies carried out.

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