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People who watched episodes of “The Biggest Loser”  a fat losing contest on television,Guest Posting could have seemed astonished by some of the early results. For example in the first week, a contestant lost 29 pounds. Amazed right? The second week was not so amazing, the best was only a whopping three pounds. One contestant gained actually gained weight.

What’s the deal man?

Losing Fat is determined by many things. Some of these are only temporary. If you want to keep track lose the scale. Follow your progress over time and measure your body fat percentage which is a better approach. If your fitness location doe not office a service to measure body fat percent, get a hold of your own body fat scale for use at home. These run about 50 bucks at major stores.

Try weighing yourself weekly under the same conditions, which should give you a good picture of whether you are losing fat or not. Shoot for approximately 0.5 percent each week. After eight weeks you should see a drop in fat of 4.0 percent.

Meal portions are an important aspect of fat loss and can give you an edge in the fat loss game.

In good old America everything is just not bigger in Texas its bigger everywhere. You name it its bigger. From larger plates, clothes, ovens are larger, larger tables, and even larger insurance policies to cover our larger health care bills. We have a large portion problem in America. It is a serious problem that is leading to a lot of serious health issues for millions of people. People are just getting too fat.

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that, over the past 50 years, portion sizes in the home have increased 42 percent for processed foods and decreased about the same percentage for foods high in fiber. In short, more junk, less Roto-Rooter. More empty calories, less thermogenic calories. Add larger amounts of food to the mix and baaaam! we have a health crisis on our hands.

Those numbers are small compared to Restaurant portions which are up 220 percent.

The above study also revealed that customer satisfaction was not affected after decreasing restaurant portion sizes to “near” the size they were 50 years ago, done slowly over the course of several months. The study stopped at that however a smaller plate with whole, unprocessed, tasty food on it will satisfy most any palate – more so than a huge plate of nothing but nutritional detritus and the person with the palate will feel a whole lot better too.

We need to take the issue of portion control seriously. The best way to do it is to put only the food you plan to eat on the table. In many fat households, the dinner table looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Put the food on the plates, not in large serving containers from which the family can continue to graze. It only takes an extra minute of work and a little basic math to get the food on the plates.

Once people start winning the fat loss game the trick now is keeping the fat off.

You may have heard the phrase “I let myself go” somewhere, maybe in the gym during a conversation with someone who has not paid attention to themselves for awhile as far as their health goes, anyway.

No doubt we all get busy. Time flies by between workouts. You get too busy and the next thing you know you are not working out at all. One priority after another gets in the way of your fitness program. You find yourself one day with the decision to buy new larger clothes or get aggressive and get back into the gym and “get back into shape” anther phrase you might hear.

Researchers from Drexel University and Brown Medical School studied 3,003 members of the National Weight Control Registry who had already lost 30 pounds of fat. Their goal was to determine the impact of consistent “weighing in” on weight maintenance.

Just over 36 percent of the subjects reported weighing themselves every day, a habit that was initially associated with a lower body mass index. At the end of 365 days, these subjects also tended to gain back less fat (an average of 1.1 kg) than those who weighed themselves less frequently (4.0 kg).

Consistently monitoring yourself after you’ve lost weight is clearly a key component of keeping it off. If you can go by a Tanita Body Fat and Bodyweight measuring scale. About $50 as I mentioned above at retail stores. Weigh yourself every day, preferably under the same conditions.

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