Essential Dieting & Weight Loss Tips


Losing weight can be hard at the best of times. But there are some things you can do that can aid and even speed up your weight loss. Here are some simple things you can do to give your dieting and weight loss efforts more bite.


Eat Slowly… Give your food time to reach your stomach so you know when you’re full and you won’t eat more.

Eat Breakfast… This increases metabolism by 25% as your body gets a regular supply of energy so it’s less inclined to store.

Eat 3 Meals and 2 Snacks… Same as before, your body knows it’s getting a regular supply of energy. This also gives you the knowledge that there is never too long to wait between meals so you’re less likely to binge and crash.

Moderate in Restaurants… Difficult when you’re out enjoying yourself but remember to eat in moderation.

Stay Away From Fast Food…Do you need a reason?

Carry Some Fruit for Emergencies… If you’re far from home and you feel hungry and there’s a candy store nearby! Take out and eat your piece of fruit instead.

Chew Some Gum… Evidence shows that the act of chewing tells your brain that your hunger is being satisfied yet the gum has few calories.

Drink Plenty of Water…Ensure hunger is really hunger and not thirst by getting enough water everyday.


Snack With Fruit Not Chocolate…This alone should cause weight loss.

Watch Your Portion Sizes… It’s all too easy to cut down the amount of meals you have but then increase the portion sizes. Control the quantity as well as the quality.

Choose White Meat and Fish…Red meat stays in the bowel for ages and is still fatty when trimmed, stick to easily digestible white meats.

Avoid Dressings… Yes, even the low fat ones – some of them still contain lots of fat and calories. Avoid them altogether if you can.

Involve Salads…Make them part of most meals – they contain so few calories and still have nutrients.

Go Healthy… Choose brown bread instead of white, choose brown rice instead of white. Any food you normally choose, see if there is a healthier alternative. The healthier option is nearly always the weight loss option.


Exercise… The dreaded E word was going to show up sooner or later! If there is one sure fire way to help a weight loss plan, exercise is it. You don’t need to run a marathon! Just do small regular amounts, your scales will thank you.

Eat Before Food Shopping… Food shop on an empty stomach and you’ll be back at home with every quick fix food there is. Eat before you go so you don’t shop in survival mode.

Weigh Yourself Weekly… And do it at the same time of day. Tip – Do it as soon as you awake. Once a week and you will clearly see weight loss results.

Exercise Some More… It will improve your body shape.

Cut Down on Alcohol… The amount of calories that alcohol contains! One heavy night and you may as well have had another meal or two.

Get Satisfaction From Your Success… Observe your efforts and appreciate every step. Get satisfaction from every pound of weight loss.

By Simon Gould and taken from [] – the well-being resource.

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