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There are so many diets it is hard to keep up. One day you hear about one that sounds good, and the next day another is making the news, what do you do? Which of the many diets is best?

What I do is examine them in light of Natural Hygiene. You are most likely wondering what in the world is Natural Hygiene? It is a philosophy of achieving and maintaining your maximum health potential in accord with human physiology (the way we were designed).

Our bodies are not all unique, as many will tell you. Each of us has the same basic structure, the same organs, the same nervous system, all parts functioning in the same way. The only differences are in how we react to our environment, and our appearance. Where one may be strong, another may be weak. Where one may be prone to arthritis, another may have a weaker heart, and another may be prone to cancer.

As an example, if you and I eat the same toxic substance, you may vomit, I may have diarrhea. Or if you and I both improve our diets in the same manor, my body may start dumping toxins, in an unpleasant manor, while yours may just feel energized.

As I said above, there are many very popular diets and lifestyle plans. They all can be evaluated by how well they align to the principals of Natural Hygiene, as follows.

Natural Hygiene shows us: Our bodies should be nourished primarily by raw plant foods, such as fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds. Animal products should not be used unless that is all you can get. If they are used they should be used in proper combinations and in small quantities, under 4 oz. per day. For proper nourishment we need adequate sunshine, rest, sleep, exercise, creative work, fresh clean air, and pure water.

So what does your diet plan tell you? Which ones are most in line with Natural Hygiene? Which ones are the furthest out of line?

The Hallelujah diet and the Genesis 1:29 diet are most in line with Natural Hygiene. They are both basically branded versions of Natural Hygiene. The Genesis 1:29 diet is basically the diet part of Natural Hygiene, with minor differences.

The raw food and living food diets are very close. However some of their followers do go off on tangents that move away from Natural Hygiene.

A mid range would include the Makers Diet and the South Beach diet. Both include things not recommended by teachers of Natural Hygiene. Both include too much cooked food. Many people who have gotten well on Natural Hygiene, then switch to these diets, have their diseases return, some have even died.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) is a proven disease maker. Americans are the best fed and sikest people in the world. If our health system was working for us we should be the healthiest country in the world. The SAD is close to the worst diet in the world.

On the far end would be the Atkins diet. Of all the diets out there I would rank the Atkins diet the most dangerous. Many thousands of people have been permanently harmed or killed by the Atkins diet. My uncle got my father on the Atkins diet, though I tried to tell him how dangerous it was. Both my father and my uncle died of a heart attack. Shortly after they died, Dr, Atkins died of a heart attack. The Atkins diet may suppress some diseases, but at what cost? Increased risk of Cancer and heart attack, are the main problems with this diet.

The Hallelujah diet has a great support system set up around the world, with Health Ministers in every US state, and most countries.

Natural Hygiene is the oldest system in modern times. Its roots started over 200 years ago. It was started by medical doctors who tired of watching their patients suffer and die in spite of their best efforts.

It was growing in popularity until the medical approach to health became more popular in the late 1800’s Especially after the Civil war. In the early 1900’s the germ theory of disease made it possible for people to blame something they could not see for their health problems.

More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the way the medical mindset is destroying lives. They are seeing the flaws in the system. With the information age people are now able to learn the truth that disease is a product of what we do and eat. I think that is why there are so many diets out there.

So now people all over the world are searching for the best diet plan to latch onto. Natural Hygiene is the best alternative. It is the benchmark for all others diets to be measured by.

No matter what the advertisers say, you cannot be poisoned into health. All drugs are poison. That is why they list so many harmful side effects.

Why take a chance? Your health is at stake. Learn all you can about Natural Hygiene.

Make wise decisions based on facts, not theories. Don’t make decisions based solely on what tastes good to you. Don’t let someone scare you into a treatment plan. Disease is the result of living outside of our design. By returning to our design specifications disease will simply go away.

If someone tells you that you have such and such disease, it usually means that they have been able to name a symptom or symptom complex. Symptoms do not cause themselves. I repeat, Symptoms do not cause themselves.! It is extremely important that you grasp this fact. Symptoms are only the outward evidence of a body out of balance.

You have to dig much deeper than the symptoms that are visible. You must remove the underlying cause. Remember, only your body can heal. Your body is self-healing. When you remove cause, and give your body the tools it needs, it will heal itself. That is the only sane approach to getting well and staying well.

When you dig deep enough you will find that what you eat, the air you breathe, or some other thing that goes into your body is the ultimate cause of disease. If the diet plan you chose is not giving your body the tools it needs, and minimizing your intake of toxins, it is failing you.

To learn more about diets, especially Natural Hygiene, the Health Seekers Yearbook is the best place to start.

To learn more about diets, especially Natural Hygiene, the Health Seekers Yearbook is the best place to start. []

Charles Snyder is a Health Minister. He teaches on the subjects of Natural Hygiene and the Hallelujah diet. He can be contacted through his website. He is the author of Six Months to Live a fiction novel, and Health by Design a online course. []

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