Did You Know Weather Can Affect Your Weight?


Did you know that there is a difference in weight between LA and New York? If you are thin in New York good chances that you are thought of as fat in LA! It is only about maybe 10 lbs in difference. In New York every women you see has real curves, there is not as a size 2 in the bunch. Yet in LA, every one of those women from New York would start feeling fat within minutes of stepping foot off the airplane!

One of the main factors is probably due to the weather. Yes! We are going to blame this on the weather! There is not a time of year, in LA that you cannot be comfortable wear a bathing suit. What that means is, there not a time in the year that exercising and dieting ever truly stops.

Now get this juicy fact, the more clothes you take off in LA, the more looks you are going to get, but in New York, the more you have on in clothing, the more looks you’re going to get. It is like a dress code that no one really knows about, but it turns out to be true fact. All because of the changing of seasons, you cover it up, curiosity starts happening in the minds of the men.

Here is what you need to do to be notice in LA. You must be wearing, tight jeans, carrying this year’s purse and, on your feet, this season’s shoes. Turning that around and head for New York, its a dress that gets the looks. Why? It is because of their weather. What you wear can covers up a multitude of sins, meaning those extra few pounds that would make you invisible back in LA, makes you a hot mama in New York!

Those who visit both sides of the coast feel it is healthier for all women to visit the coast opposite of where they may live now. It would open your eyes to the fact that not being a size 0 is not the end of the world. Think what a field trip would be like for teenage girls who feel they are either too fat or too thin? How about getting them visit the opposite coast line of where they live now? There would a change in attitude when they get to see that its better or worse depending on where they are from.

Those in the middle of the West and East coast, well I don’t know what it is like for them but be warned not to visit Miami anytime soon. There they don’t wear anything but bikini tops and short shorts. It has been said that a very buff size 0 from LA felt fat, when she got off the plane in Miami.

What this really means ladies, wherever you might live; it all boils down to this. Be happy with who you are, diet and exercise under a doctor’s supervision, and don’t worry about what other women size may be. Ask any man, they love us, no matter what size big or small we may be.

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