Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #19


I believe we have the most incredible opportunity to pay attention on purpose. I am always in awe and sometimes it takes my breath away to go outside in nature and just look around at what God has offered us.

I have a friend who is a wonderful spiritual partner and we routinely take walks down by the water. I live in the greater Seattle area so we’re surrounded by this glorious water. On these walks, we talk about our opportunities for growth and help support each other by understanding and then giving guidance. Wayne Dyer is always with us as we contemplate and surrender.

We always stop and sit at the water’s edge and really embrace God’s gifts to us. Over the past month we have seen a seal six times. He surfaces and gently glides on top of the water, looks our way as if saying hello and then goes under water. He exudes absolute peace. The other day I was moved to tears as we watched him and my friend and I both said, “Thank you for teaching us about surrender.” The other night we walked and saw two eagles flying overhead. The eagle represents surrender as well as it soars gently in the sky. As I’m writing this, I’m overcome with emotion seeing the beauty that is offered us each and every day.

We need to stop busying ourselves long enough to pay attention. It’s as if God is saying, “Hello, anyone out there? I’ve created all these beautiful things for you. I’m CEO of the Universe and do a very good job at it. My job is not being vacated…ever…so stop trying to take it from me. Sit back and surrender! Besides why would you want a job that you don’t get paid for?” This was a challenge for me as I so wanted to be CEO/Manager of the Universe taking care of everyone and leaving me last. It took a devastating illness for me to realize I really sucked at God’s job. He kept telling me He was never going to give it up, but I was pretty stubborn saying, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” Remember seven year old Tami who comes out occasionally. I’ve certainly changed and it has made all the difference. Are you getting the message?

Take five. For today go outside and stop, look and listen and just “be” for five short minutes–longer if you can. Look up at the sky and make clouds disappear. I actually did this yesterday and you can do it too. Concentrate on the cloud as if you’re one with the cloud and watch as it disappears. A person whom I met at the Rapid Eye Institute taught me to do this. Open up all your senses and be aware. Listen to the birds chirping. Listen to the laughter of children. Dance–it’s okay to shake your booty in public. I do. Smell the bloomin’ flowers, why don’t you–a bit of humor there.


I’m sending hugs and pink light to surround you with love and appreciation. You are the most awesome child of God destined for greatness. Your weight is lifted in more ways than one.

Love and hugs,


Tami Close is a weight loss expert and uses an integrative method, including cleansing and nutritional products from Isagenix, in her weight loss management practice. She is certified in Rapid Eye Technology and has a basic and advanced certificate in Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tami is a recipient of a grant from the Sumasil Grant Foundation in her work with RET and EFT. She is a master trainer and has a B.S. in Training and Development. She is a #1 best selling co-author, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love Finding Personal Freedom. The other authors include Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and others. She has also written several e-books. [] []

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