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First things first, what is bilberry? Bilberry is the name that is given to species of shrubs in the vaccinium genus. This type of shrub usually bear fruits that are very tasty.

Bilberry is usually found under the canopies of old trees in the cooler places in Eurasia and North America.

Believe it or not, bilberry has long been known during ancient times as a powerful herb that could correct diseases found in the digestive, circulatory system as well as the eyes.

What makes up bilberry?

What is it inside the bilberry herb that enables it to provide such amazing benefits? They are the following: arbutin, ericolin, beta-amyrin, anthocyanosides (strengthens the walls of the capillary and vascular system), nonacosane.

The good that bilberry does

There are secondary effects that bilberry does on the body of those who dutifully accept and take it. For one, bilberry is able to lower one’s blood pressure. It also reduces blood clots therefore preventing unnecessary bruising and varicosities. It also reverses blood supply that is poor, thereby improving supply of the blood.

The good that bilberry does prior to surgery

In Europe, bilberry was used before actual surgery in order to prevent one from excessive bleeding and hemorrhage. In fact, a German journal in medicine has reported that bilberry was able to reduce as much as 71% of bleeding.

Bilberry is also able to make the blood thin. This helps the body in circulating blood and oxygen all throughout the organs. This basic effect has helped improve the strength of the body’s capillaries and reduce leakage in them.
Bilberry helps one see better, day or night
This fact was proven during world war two when pilots of the Royal Air Force observed that once they took a jam of bilberry, they experience an improvement in their vision especially during the night time.

After fifty years, researchers has proved that bilberry increased the purple retina (rhodopsin) in as little as twenty minutes and increased blood flow in the ocular region. After five months, it has been shown that nearsightedness lessened after regular bilberry use and more than an eighty percent of improvement in acuity in visual terms were recorded after fifteen days.
Bilberry is a good anti-oxidant

Anthocyanosides found inside bilberry vastly helps in the prevention of collagen damage. This amazing effect therefore helps in the prevention of such diseases as gout, and osteoarthritis.

Bilberry also helps in digestion

Believe it or not, bilberry has been proven to prevent ulcers in almost 63% of at-risk patients. In the country of Russia for example, bilberry has been used as one that prevents gastric colitis. This herb is also valuable to those who are suffering from diabetes as it improves the circulation of the blood and levels blood sugar.

All in all, bilberry is an herb that occurs naturally and so the effects it brings to the body is also natural in form and is healthy. Be aware though that bilberry would best be used as a supplement and not to be considered as the sole harbinger of healing. It is highly advisable that bilberry be used along with the usual medications one takes and ingesting bilberry should just as well be consulted with your friendly neighborhood doctor.

However, it is obvious that bilberry has positive effects. Some of them are indicated herein.

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