Benefits of Fish Oil: Acne and Weight Loss?


The health benefits of fish oil supplements are related to the omega-3 fatty acids which it contains. Research by doctors and scientists has shown that many health conditions may be relieved or improved by fish oil. And nowadays there is even talk about a fish oil acne improvement connection and if there’s also a link between fish oil and weight loss.

Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence at all that fish oil can help acne. What little research there is on a fish oil acne connection does not suggest that fish oil supplementation will clear up your skin. However, this does not mean that fish oil doesn’t help with acne….only that no hard scientific evidence has been found.

So why then is there talk about fish oil helping acne? The reason is probably twofold: fish oil as an acne treatment may have to do with the suggestion by naturopathic practitioners that acne may be a result of a fatty acid deficiency; secondly, fish oil is an anti-inflammatory, and acne is often caused by inflammation — or, at least made worse by it.

In short, a pimple is a red, inflammed area invaded by bacteria. The theory is that fish oil may help quell the inflammation and reduce pimple breakouts or their severity.

Even though the scientific evidence is so far scarce, we do know for certain that the vast majority of people can benefit in many ways by using a purified fish oil supplement. So, if you are suffering from acne, don’t discount the benefits of fish oil just because there may be no hard proof it helps with breakouts.

The relationship between supplementation of fish oil and weight loss is a little harder to explain. Again, there seems to be little conclusive evidence that there is a fish oil and weight loss connection. Fish oils may improve energy levels and overall health of the heart and the brain and is recommended by nutritionists for these reason.

Questions relating to dietary supplementation of fish oil and weight loss probably arise from the recommendation of fish oil supplementation by several famous “diet doctors”.

The bottomline is that neither for acne nor for weight loss has fish oil been proven. But there are thousands of studies which show it is vital for the healthy functioning of many things in the body. Not only is it good for the heart and brain development, but it may boost one’s mood and lift mild depression.

We also know that the majority of people in the Western world are deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids and therefore most people will benefit from using a high quality, purified fish oil supplement.

We hope you have found our fish oil acne and fish oil weight loss page informative.

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