Are You Looking Forward to a Surgical Option?


Surgical option is apt for patients who have tried all the other non surgical approaches to weight loss with no positive results. And elements like changes in eating habits, lifestyle changes and increased physical activity can bring about satisfying weight loss. Many obese individuals consider surgery as an obesity treatment procedure just like diet pills or weight loss plans. But it’s not so. Most of us are unaware of its risks and complications.

Before you say ‘Surgery’

  • See if you are unlikely to lose weight with non surgical treatments
  • Have met a doctor and discussed about the effects and procedures
  • Well read and aware of how life changes after the surgery
  • Have talked about serious complications, dietary measures and surgery failures at times
  • Ready for life long medical follow up

Can you undergo a Surgery?

  • You can if you have a BMI above 35
  • Have physical discomforts related to obesity like walking, employment etc
  • Have high risk diseases related linked to obesity

In such cases health practitioners discuss more about the surgery and see if you are willing to make changes in your unhealthy life.

Side effects of the Surgery

  • Vomiting due to small stomach overstretched by food intake
  • Dumping syndrome where stomach contents move fast through the intestine
  • Twenty percent of patients who undergo surgeries follow up to correct complications
  • One third of obese patients who undergo gastric surgeries suffer gallstones
  • 30 percent of people develop nutritional deficiencies
  • Bloating, diarrhea, gas and dizziness are the main side effects

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