Are You A Winner Or Loser At Fitness?


The last few weeks, I’ve been going through all of the contributions I’ve received for my newest ebook “Fitness Success Stories From Everyday People”.

These are stories that my readers have submitted that explain what they did to change their bodies and get in shape.

While reading the amazing transformation stories you sent in, I noticed a common theme that ran through all of them.
It’s what I believe separates winners from losers.

Simply put, winners DO things that losers do not. In fact, it’s this act of DOING that will bring you closer to your own fitness goals.

Look, there’s no magic formula for getting in shape. If you think there is, you’ve been lied to.

Getting in shape takes hard work. It takes persistence. It takes commitment. And it takes “doing”.

So instead of searching for the “best” program or overanalyzing everything, just start “doing”.

You won’t always succeed, but if you’re a winner, you’ll keep getting up after each and every time you’ve been knocked down.

Losers will stop and complain about how life is not fair.

I can speak from personal experience that when I went from a very overweight 240 pounds to a lean 185, it was the fact that I just started “doing” that brought these changes about.

I “knew” proper nutrition and exercise were the keys to getting in shape, but that didn’t matter until I actually did something about it.

Look in the newspapers or on the television. The people that have achieved any level of success have just taken more action than those who are not as successful.

People do not see the 6 grueling hours a day that Lance Armstrong trains on his bike or the 1,000 jump shots Michael Jordan used to take each day in practice.

People just see the end result and think these people are “lucky”. True, they are gifted and lucky, but they also “do” more than most others.

So ask yourself if you’re “doing” everything you possibly can in order to get the physique you want.

Or are you lying to yourself, telling yourself that you’re doing all you can when in reality you’re not.

If you’re not happy with your current results, you need to start “DOING” better.

Shawn Lebrun is an online fitness trainer and natural bodybuilder. If you want to build muscle, lose fat, and finally get the body you want, check out his tips and tools page here: Fitness tips and tools

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